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Where is Jupiter? In the 6th house: the house of the cat. So where is the cat? In his own house: at home. Is he OK? Jupiter, the most benefic of planets, is in its own sign, so has lots of essential dignity. Signified by a strongly dignified benefic, the cat is doing just fine. But water signs also show places that are comfortable, which, considering the nature of the beast and that he is clearly happy where he is strongly dignified benefic , must be the more likely choice. So he is probably curled up on the sofa or bed. Will he come back? Jupiter is retrograde: it is going back where it has been before.

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So yes, he will come back. The chart has given a specific, verifiable answer to the question. It has done this using only one planet! Horary is quick; horary is simple. Jupiter is making no such contact in this chart, so we must introduce a second planet. The Moon is natural ruler of all lost objects, especially animate ones.

The person asking the question is shown by the Ascendant and its ruler. The Moon applies to sextile the Ascendant. The Moon must travel almost exactly 1 degree to perfect this aspect. So the cat will return in almost exactly 1 unit of time. The sign and house the Moon is in as it makes this aspect tell us which unit of time this is. With the Moon in a mutable sign and a cadent house, the unit must be a day.

So the cat will return almost exactly 24 hours after the time for which the chart was cast. And so it proved. Even now, we have only two planets in the chart. Yet we have a precise, timed, accurate prediction. Horary is simple. F: The important distinction is a philosophical one. The western astrological tradition is monotheistic: it is the astrology of the Christians, Jews and Moslems. Despite their differences in technical approach, these astrologies have more in common with each other than they do with the western tradition.

F: The problem with even the best of textbooks is that the reader cannot ask the book questions. My aim in Sports Astrology was to answer as many as possible of the puzzling questions that the student would love to ask a teacher, but cannot ask a book. Insofar as I have succeeded in that aim, the book has a far wider relevance than simply to the field of sports prediction.

Chart: Sept 10th , 7. Asc: 23 Virgo. Moon: 17 Leo. The enemy is Jupiter, Lord 7.


Horrible stuff happening to the 7th house: Saturn and the South Node are there. What about Mercury and Jupiter? Mercury is about to go back into its own sign. That must be important. Saturn afflicts Jupiter too, and more closely. That must count as an affliction. Not such a great affliction, but certainly worth noting.

No receptions between them. But someone had to win this game. Look, the antiscion of Jupiter is at But by antiscion it is exactly on that angle: very powerful. There are two more testimonies here, both by antiscion. Which are? But by antiscion they fall right on the Ascendant. And the third testimony? But it was my duty.

The Nodes are opposite each other. If one is on the Ascendant the other will always be on the Descendant. Now, where is that final testimony? I hope you see why I set you this chart. It illustrates two very important points. First, that you cannot ignore antiscia.

Here, no antiscia: no judgment. Second, it shows the difference between being in an angle in the sign of the cusp and being in an angle in a different sign to the cusp. Will you remember this? They suspected a brain hemorrhage. What I love about this chart is, first, that the querent was not even involved in the issue: she was asking about her friend. To the modern mind, getting a accurate answer from a chart like this is crazy. Second, is that the chart provided a accurate diagnosis in a few minutes, while the doctors were unable to see what was wrong with her until the post mortem.

I stress that there is nothing clever about the astrologer here. All the astrologer needs to do is keep himself out of the way so the astrology can do its job. Chart: July 3rd , 2. Tropical Zodiac. Asc: 21 Libra. Moon: 18 Sag. She is in a coma. What is the problem? What is going to happen? Its ruler, Mercury, signifies the friend. But no: although Mercury is in a sign that it rules, in a medical question it is in a very bad condition. The friend is not well. This much we know, of course: the woman is in a coma. Which planet is causing Mercury problems?

We can look to the ruler of the sign Mercury is in. This brings us back to Mercury. There is no reason that the significator of the illness should not be the same as that of the patient. But here we have a more likely culprit, especially considering the sudden onset of the illness. Mercury is just separating from opposition to Mars. Mars is peregrine and retrograde, so it is a nasty sort of Mars. Its last aspect was to this nasty Mars. Mars is confirmed as significator of the illness. Choler is the fiery humour, the fiery part of the human constitution.

She has had a heart attack. This was confirmed at the post mortem. What will happen to her? Here, the turned 8th house 8th from the 11th: the radical 6th is ruled by Mars. Mercury the friend is separating from opposition to it. If the sick person is sitting up in bed and chatting, this is a most positive sign: she has come into contact with death; she is still alive; she is going to survive. In the context of someone in a coma it can be taken that death, in the real sense, has already happened.

The Moon separates from Mars and applies to Mercury, translating light between them and so remaking the aspect: the friend will die. The number of degrees the Moon must travel to perfect the opposition gives the timing: she will be pronounced dead at the end of that afternoon. F: There are no new inventions or new careers, merely variations on old ones. There is nothing new under the Sun. F: The absolute necessity of grace. No matter how skilled we are, we cannot make two thoughts join together by our own volition: all is given to us.

F: Ficino writes that Love is born of Plenty and Poverty. When he writes this, it is clear that he is thinking of the Part of Fortune, which is created by the Sun Plenty and Moon Poverty. I suggest that a good name for Fortuna is the Part of Hunger. It shows what we most deeply hunger for, yearn for, long for. This makes it a great motivating force, because if we hunger so deeply for something we are likely to strive to our utmost to satisfy that hunger.

F: I think the best of Ptolemy is his section on the Rulers of the Soul, or the Rulers of the Mind, depending on which English translation you are using. F: The most stunning? Surely those three guys who got on their camels and travelled all the way to Bethlehem on the basis of their prediction. F: Ptolemy is by far the most influential writer. How much he deserves this influence is debatable, however. F: To increase our awareness of our relationship to God. F: Reintroducing the study of logic in elementary schools.

The greatest barrier to an understanding of astrology is the inability to think straight. F: How many! F: By changing the subject. I feel no need to persuade anyone. Especially pleasing are those where the chart forces one to look at it in a new way. Chart: Nov 25th , 2. Asc: 8 Taurus. Moon: 19 Taurus. So it is that we have had, for several years now, an electricity supply. None of our answers seemed to please the Master, who now stood aside to let us judge the chart. We stared at him, dumbfounded, until by poking and prodding he forced the answer from us: we wanted the lights to come back on.

The Master beamed. By primary motion it is soon to come over the horizon, making it visible. There was no loose connection, but a serious breakage in the treadmill itself. Robin, our smith, set to work immediately. Power was restored 11 hours later. It is especially significant in Return charts, but has its part to play in horary. In any chart concerned with death, for example, a significator near the Descendant and therefore setting by primary motion is a major testimony. F: Mundane astrology is always hard work.

There are so many charts involved, of all the various cycles of time. A particularly difficult one was when a government had been advised by its scientists that it might expect an earthquake on a certain date. I was asked to check this out. The charts showed a good deal of evidence supporting the idea.

The problem is, though, that while one can study charts for when earthquakes have happened, one cannot possibly study charts for all the occasions when earthquakes have not happened. So we cannot know how much evidence we need in order to predict an earthquake. F: In a lecture, I predicted that Denmark would win the Eurovision Song Contest, which was to be held a few days later.

Out of 24 competitors, Denmark came 23rd. My afterthought? OK, I got it wrong. F: Clear thinking to read the chart and, God willing, a certain amount of compassion with which to communicate what one has read. An illustration would be most helpful.

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F: Horaries I have done for clients suggest a period of difficulty lasting several years. But their questions have had the state of the economy only as background to their personal concerns. Casting a chart specifically for the broad mundane issue is most unlikely to produce a judgment of any value, because unless the astrologer is very close to the seat of power he is most unlikely to be able to see beyond his own preconceptions. Even if he is close. Sounder judgment can be gained from study of the mundane charts, because we can compare what is happening now with what the stars were doing at similar times in the past.

March 18 , 4. It makes sense to cast this for Washington, even though Washington was no more than a patch of swamp at that time. F: I had an interesting experience when an Indian newspaper in England sent someone to interview me. He turned out to be a gold medalist in jyotish, who returned a few days later with some prashnas that he had judged. I set charts for the same time and place, judging them by western horary methods. Different zodiac; different techniques: but even in detail the results were the same. F: Querent is show by the Ascendant ruler and the Moon; the job by the planet ruling the 10th house.

Do we have an applying aspect between them? If we do, we can take the timing from the number of degrees needed to perfect the aspect. That is the classic scenario, but some charts will show the situation in different ways. Would you like to share them in this space?

F: In the natal chart? I use secondary progressions and solar and lunar returns. There is no single method allowing exact prediction from the nativity; nor, because we live in a fallen universe, can there be so. F: I have several projects in hand at the moment. F: The main theme of my work is the dependence of astrology upon faith. Magi Analysis: Franklin D. Roosevelt By Sandy L. Crowther CMA. T he Magi Society is now a worldwide organization and has produced three of the most important books ever published on astrology.

Four charts are used for Magi Professional Astrologer with over 30 analyses: Geocentric longitude and declinations, and Heliocentric longitudes and latitudes. She has an International and expand our knowledge of astrology and to client and student base, runs a MSN teach it to Magi Society members throughout the Astrology forum and has participated in world. The Magi Society is also dedicated to many other forums in the past. She is helping bring about a universal acceptance of the currently working on her first book on validity of astrology.

Gets involved in research in her taken on a leadership role in the battle against spare time, and shares freely vast amounts of opponents of astrology. The only president elected to the office four times, Roosevelt led the United States through two of the greatest crises of the 20th century: the Great Depression and World War II.

In so doing, he greatly expanded the powers of the federal government through a series of programs and. I hope that this will be of interest to the reader, while providing the students of Magi Astrology an opportunity for study. This powerful Chiron Planetary Synchronization forms a Super Conjoined Trine, and connects three super energies forming a powerful alignment of Jupiter, Chiron, and Uranus. This Super Conjoined Trine planetary synchronization is the primary Focus of the natal chart. The joining of these energies suggests that Franklin D.

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Roosevelt possessed a high degree of gifted talent with respect to a successful political career, along with notable public acclaim as a leader in the political arena. The Chiron Magical enhancement to Uranus also puts the emphasis on fame and success in career, revealing gifts of charismatic political appeal. Additionally, we see another planetary synchronization forming a Magi Triangle in Franklin D.

Venus square Saturn is the charts Focus Aspect. He was innovative, and not afraid to use his political power to initiate change of the status quo, thus destabilizing many popular existing states of affairs.


As an overall result of both his independent fervor and innovative 1 ideas, he became both the most loved and the most hated President in American history. V iewing Franklin D. These enhancements form a Super Magi Triangle and are relative to incredible benefic influences, surrounding his power and leadership abilities, along with his luck, charm, and his sense of humor in his ability to lead his political public. This is the Focus of the Heliocentric longitudes.

Mercury square Mars is the proximity enhanced Heliocentric Focus Aspect, addressing his high initiative in communications. There are many more supporting enhancements to be seen from Franklin D. Suffice it to say, that gifted and blessed he certainly was. Franklin D. I give the following applying natal aspects that have potential to be harmful for progressions and transits.

Above in Franklin D. This is indicative of talent in a successful and lasting career because of charismatic leadership, with strong desires for monumental changes in government. His highly inspired creative leadership skills, coupled with a powerful ability to successfully dominate the political arena, resulted in a lucrative political career. This relates to his massive amounts of energy and ability to bring about change, as being a reflection of his sociability and public appeal.

There are more configurations that are also worthy of notice, but I will stop with the listings above. This Magi Dek Quad brings both power and charisma along with extraordinary qualities that total up to a very famous public image. The planetary energies of Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune are perfect for describing FDR and his talents and accomplishments.

The Saturn — Pluto midpoint is both conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus.

Through aspect transformation, we can safely conclude that his elevated desires for enforced political change were best realized through his political fame and skills in leadership. Also, please see the separate charts with the inclusion of Juno. With respect to the Marriage Chart, there are many factors that need to be synthesized and balanced for overall integration, as far as what the Marriage itself brought to both of them publicly and personally.

This pattern sets up immediate conditions for stress within the marriage. The union may have been unsettling in many respects, lacking contentment. Jupiter applying trine Uranus creates a Magical Angle, gives positive progressions and is additionally a mirrored natal aspect — is a Super Fame and an Historic Aspect, addressing the super fame and tremendous leadership that resulted from this union, in addition to the successful global changes that result from the combined creative geniuses that this union creates.

Recognized as an historical couple, the marriage certainly enhanced his career; this couple was one for the books. Jupiter applying square Chiron results in romantic marital tensions and implies a lack of future trust and fulfillment in the union. Overall, they could accomplish much together. In the declinations, we have Saturn applying parallel Chiron, the Heartbreak Clash, and Eleanor certainly did have her heart broken upon finding the love letters addressed to her husband, from her secretary. Although FDR did not want a divorce 6 when she offered that up as a solution, and he promised to end the relationship with Lucy Mercer when his wife, Eleanor, found out, the words were just words.

He could not end the affair, as the irresistible temptation continued to carry on into the future. This betrayal resulted in Eleanor focusing on her own personal and public interests and prospects, and ended any intimacy 7 that was left in the marriage. Although not much has been written about Juno as of yet, it has been revealed by the Magi Society to be representativ e of a mistress…So I thought it both relevant and interesting to include Juno in this particular chart.

Saturn additionally signifies that FDR relished being in control — in fact succeeding at three unprecedented consecutive terms in the highest office in the country. Mercury brings about a high degree of intelligence and versatility to his speech. S aturn has been in harsh aspect to other outer planets during every instance of ruinous inflations since the one that brought down the Roman Empire. During into early , Saturn was opposite Neptune. University of Pittsburgh, worked as a Before exploring the astrology journalist, became a best-selling novelist involved, some information about the phenomenon of inflation.

Beach, Delaware. On the Run with Dick Some inflations sneak up like a thief in the and Jane is his ninth novel. His previous night. Others explode into reality. Price controls have failed to that helped break down America's fear of stop it. Once it works up a good head of steam, it contacted at gocylces aol.

Many blame growing demand from emerging nations. The answer has to do with the powerful influence, in the form of campaign contributions, of oil companies on Congress. Oil companies have been the big winners in the recent spike of oil prices. The big loser has been the American middle class worker and consumer. This coincided under Saturn-Uranus or Saturn-Pluto with a simultaneous crisis in real oppositions. These planetary aspects do not cause estate prices which rippled inflation.

They coincide with inflations that are throughout the financial ripe to happen. This delayed the day of reckoning, virtually guaranteeing a potential monetary catastrophe. Socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the rest of the American population is likely to lead to revolution around Neptune erodes the status quo which Saturn strives to preserve. These planetary aspects do not cause inflation. They coincide with inflations that are ripe to happen.

The stars influence but do not compel. Nations respond differently to the same celestial influences. Brazil responded to the oil crisis of the s by beginning to switch from imported oil to sugarcane ethanol. Back in , a gallon of gas in the US cost around 25 cents. Not everything inflates at the same rate. During the 20th Century, real estate inflated much more than most other things because homeowners are allowed a large tax deduction for mortgage costs.

I nflation robs some and benefits others. It enables borrowers to repay loans with devalued money. Lenders compensate by raising the cost of loans with a variety of fees. These different factions of society often overlap and are in any case interdependent. A teacher whose salary is devastated by inflation may also be a property owner benefited by the same inflation.

A large lending institution may be deep in debt to another creditor, and both may go under due to working class people forced by job losses to default on mortgages. This in turn impacts the ability of companies to borrow the money needed to expand, which means laying off more workers, causing more mortgage defaults, further constricting bank loans, and so on. Inflations come in a variety of severities.

We want the value of money to be consistent, but the value of any form of money, in any time in history, has never been static. Government and Jupiter opposite Neptune Periods of expansion are economic expansion confused, or confusing to inflationary as more money is issued into the economy and others. By when this latest financial crisis people buy things they would hit, Pluto had moved around the Zodiac to be not buy in recessions or opposite where it was when the Fed was born. During expansions, lenders lend money and borrowers borrow. When an economy constricts, lenders stop lending and few wish to borrow, reducing the amount of money in circulation, causing deflation.

Deflation favors lenders over borrowers. Falling prices may result from too much supply or too little demand. Too much supply can be a good thing. Too little demand is almost always bad.

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During deflations, borrowers pay lenders in dollars that will buy more than when the money was loaned. But, since deflations usually occur during recessions or depressions, borrowers may be forced to default on loans. Millions of homeowners suddenly found they had to pay doubte or triple their oriiginal monthly rate for homes that were rapidly losing market value. This combination of inflation of gas and other commodities at the same time real estate was deflating was excacerbated by a rise in unemployment.

What ultimately supports the price of these mortgage packages is the price of the real estate pledged as collateral. And despite Mr. As housing prices plunge, the debts remain in place. The present monetary situation is further complicated by the huge and growing gap between rich and poor which has dramatically expanded in recent years. What we now have worldwide is what I call the Bifurcated Economy.

The wealthy few live in a very different reality than the impoverished many. Statistics show that was one of the best years ever—for the wealthy few—as the global economy grew 4. At the same time, the impoverished many faced a rise in diseases and a growing scarcity of water and food, among other hardships. W hen a government feels threatened, a little inflation tends to turn into rampant hyperinflation because governments print more currency to deal with emergencies. While a government may benefit from repaying its debt in cheaper money due to inflation, it may be left with an ungovernable society in rebellion or chaos as people struggle to make ends meet with rapidly devaluing money.

Wars pump tremendous amounts of new money into society while destroying things of real wealth. The US Government privatized control of the US monetary system in December of when it created the Federal Reserve System, owned and operated by a small group of bankers with a fiduciary responsibility to provide profits for their shareholders. For the crisis building in , that means big trouble ahead for the USA as a nation, as the Fed traditionally privatizes profits and socializes losses. By when this latest financial crisis hit, Pluto had moved around the Zodiac to be opposite where it was when the Fed was born.

The conspirators of the Fed are now, it seems, poised to be undone by their own conspiratorial machinations. The International Monetary Fund has announced it will audit the Fed and render its report in During and after the last great depression, the belief arose that the Fed could, and should, exert controls that prevent inflation. By the end of the 20th Century, such controls were beginning to resemble a comic strip.

The stock market crashed? Okay, lower interest rates to bring it back up. Whoops, the lowering of interest rates created a real estate bubble, which burst and rippled throughout the financial community, collapsing big banks. The Fed saved big banks with infusions of money to be repaid by future taxpayers, practically guaranteeing much worse future problems. And this little scenario omits global warming and the steady rise of more devastating weather events.

Money systems, once instituted, seem to develop a destiny of their own in sync with subtle forces beyond human control. Since around , periods of inflation have led to deflation. Government allocated huge sums of money which were swallowed up by the rich and well connected, and never reached those in need. Historically, Saturn has been found in harsh aspect to the other outermost planets when either rampant inflation or depression hits. Planets are said to be in opposition when, from our perspective here on Earth, they are degrees apart, putting we earthlings between them.

Saturn rules established systems. When opposed by Neptune, the established tends to become confused or problematic, fraught with dilemmas. When opposed by Uranus, the established may be overthrown by unexpected change or revolution. When opposed by Pluto, a major cultural change begins. In the economic realm, these oppositions precipitate whatever conditions are ripe to manifest.

Saturn in Libra T sq. The mood it brings will last through to the end of The Roman government had slowly but steadily devalued its coinage over the previous several hundred years. This inflation led Western Europe into the Dark Ages. Back then, economic events that now happen in weeks or months, happened in years or decades or centuries. Not often emphasized in American history books is that the British printed fake Continental dollar bills and flooded the colonies with them.

The inflation that began in Europe in , when tons of gold and silver were being imported from the newly discovered Americas, occurred under Saturn square Uranus and Saturn opposite Pluto, with Pluto also square Uranus to form a T square. This inflation, with Pluto so involved, coincided with massive cultural changes on both sides of the Atlantic. Whole nations were wiped out by diseases imported from Europe. Modern estimates put their number in the hundreds of millions. It was a pandemic of diseases Native Americans had no immunity to that was the rational cause of this massive transformation.

This does not mean we are doomed to repeat the horrors of the early s in the Americas. History repeats but does not rhyme, as Mark Twain observed. We look for what needs to change, or what is ripe to change.

Apr 13, ravan samhita book in pas pdf free voyage - Google Voyage. Arrondissement: Hindi. I will not begin to speak this theme. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content My last voyage arrived in a reasonable amount of time, regarding the long way it had to take!. Astrologers said that many of these aspirants, mostly from Congress and BJP, are also seeking divine intervention to settle their uncertainties including prospects of winning elections, and are even performing 'yajnas' and visiting shrines and holy places.

As allegiance typically get redefined during election period, some politicians want to know who are their all-weather supporters. A Raipur-based priest Ashok Yadav said candidates are making a beeline for temples in a bid to propitiate deities to ward off "evil eye" and seek blessings to out manoeuvre opponents. While some leaders have undertaken various vows to ensure their sure shot win, some have resorted to performing special 'pujas'.

Astrologers feel the filing of nominations for the second phase of elections is expected to reach a peak on last two days- Oct 31 and Nov 1- as they are considered auspicious. Candidates admitted that majority of them are indeed seeking the advice of astrologers due to a number of uncertainties associated with politics, particularly elections.

Protest against arrest of journalist Prashant Kanojia, Ishika Singh and Anuj Shukla

Chhattisgarh has a member House, elections for which will be held in two phases on November 11 and November Similarly candidates also believe on shubh muhurat for filing in nominations and also for kicking off their campaign too," said BJP leader and Water Resources Minister Ramvichar Netam contesting from Ramanujganj constituency. The veteran is seeking sixth consecutive term in the Assembly. They leave home at the time suggested by them, wear clothes and gem-stones suggested Some of them also contact tantriks to ensure their win," he said. Singhdeo has decided to file his nomination on Thursday between 11 am to AM as the time period is billed "auspicious" for him.

A youth candidate of Samajwadi Party , Kunal Shukla, who is fighting from Raipur city south seat, will also be filing in his nomination papers at an "appropriate" time. When asked about the logic behind this, the young contestant became philosophical, saying, "Future is always uncertain in politics and it is the destiny that is supreme whereas puja is just supportive". Read more on astrologers. Elections