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Horoscop 10 iunie 12222. Este o zi de succes în care toate ar trebui să-ţi meargă ca pe roate!

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All of the five star establishments have extensive disabled facilities, for example. However, almost all restaurants, bars and most public buildings have no disabled access, and public transport is totally inaccessible to all but the fittest. It may come as a surprise to many, but yes, Bucharest has electricity.

As these are scarce in Romania make sure you bring one with you. More common in summer, when the city switches on the air conditioning, they occur all year round. Thankfully, they never last for too long. For EU citizens, there are none: you can come and go as you please, and though if staying for more than three months you are technically required to register as a resident at the Passport Office B-4, Str.

Nicolae Iorga 29 , the fine for not doing so is a mere 50 lei, while bothering to register will involve bureacracy - Romanian style - and will cost you at. Euro 4. Pound 4. Do, as they say, the maths. For a full list of those countries exempt from visa requirements visit the Romanian Foreign Ministry website www. In their own homes, Romanians are by and large fabulous hosts. You had better be hungry, because the food never stops coming. On and on, dish after dish. You must bring something, flowers, chocolates or a bottle of good whisky.

Most Romanians love to chat about their country, its politics, problems and history. In all cases, be diplomatic in response. Market Values Prices in Romania are still fairly competitive despite increases over the last couple of years, particularly in the prices of cigarettes. Here are some typical everyday products and prices.

There are left luggage facilities at Gara de Nord, but no luggage lockers. You will find the left luggage counter opposite the Wasteels office, a short walk from the platforms. The charge is cursory: 4 lei per small bag per 24 hours, 7 lei for a bigger bag. Note that the office keeps irregular hours with staff taking breaks seemingly when they feel like it , so always make sure there will be someone to hand you back your bag when you want to pick it up.

There is no left luggage facility at either Otopeni or Baneasa airport. If you are driving, or are out late at night, it is a good idea to carry at least a photocopy of your passport and driving license. Drinking in public except in designated areas leaves you open to a fine, while jaywalking is also illegal. Prostitution is slated for legalisation soon, but for now the practice remains illegal. If you are arrested ask to speak to your embassy for advice. Locals, foreigners, young, old, male, female: anyone who steps in the wrong kind of taxi can expect to be well and truly buggered.

The important thing to remember when getting into a taxi in this city is that there are two kinds: those which are operated by a tried and trusted taxi company good and independents bad. The problem is spotting the difference. By and large, trustworthy taxis are easy to spot as they are emblazoned with the name and phone number of the company they are associated with. To counter this, the independents have also started to plaster phone numbers often over their cars, alongside copy-cat logos that look cunningly like those of decent taxi companies.

The best way to avoid being ripped off however is to pay careful attention to the tariffs, displayed on the driver and passenger door of all taxis. There should just now be one single tarif displayed, and anything higher than 1. Do not get into any taxi whose tariff exceeds 2. To avoid any problems, call one of the taxi companies listed below. We have removed said company from the list below. The fact that the average visitor will be unable to read Romanian newspapers or understand television news should be considered a godsend. Even the better quality newspapers, such as Evenimentul Zilei, Cotidianul, Ziarul Financiar and Gandul do little actual reporting: journalists in.

Population Romania 21,,, Bucharest 2,, both estimates. Ethnic composition: Romanian In an emergency call You do not need to use the city code, whether calling from a landline or a mobile. Emergency call centre operators are all meant to speak English or French but in our experience they do not always do so. If you can, ask a Romanian to call; at least make sure you know the name of the street you are calling from.

If you get into trouble with the Police, demand to call your embassy. There is a full list on pages 88 and Lascar Cartagiu 22, tel. Emergency treatment is free for EU citizens. More details in the Health box on page There is a list of Pharmacies on page 90, and English speaking Dentists on page Romania by and large spend all day at their desks rewriting or simply copying press releases. If you want local news in English, there is a weekly, the Business Review, which offers far more than simply business stories.

Its weekly restaurant column is legendary. Otherwise go online and try the English pages of Hotnews www. For events information the local language version of Time Out is published monthly and is free in bars and restaurants, as are the more downmarket Sapte Seri and B All have cinema and concert listings.

Notes come in denominations of , , , 50, 10, 5 and 1. These are supplemented by 50, 10 and 5 bani coins. The best place to get your hands on Romanian money is at an ATM: these are everywhere, popping up even in the most remote village. Avoid currency exchanges case de schimb at all costs. If you have to change cash, do it inside a bank. Credit and debit cards are accepted in almost all hotels, shops and restaurants, though rarely in pubs, bars and cafes. Shops open late, and stay open until late; most now open on Sundays too. Very few close for lunch. Malls and shopping centres stay open until Banks are open from , Monday to Friday.

Museums keep very short hours and are usually closed at least one day a week almost invariably Mondays. Official institutions keep short and often bizarre hours, and can guarantee to never be open when you need them. Restaurants stay open late, as do cafes and bars. Romanians spent much of the s standing in line. There were long queues for every basic foodstuff, and as a result people became very good at all kinds of queue jumping tactics.

While queues today are less common, the skills learnt in the past continue to be employed, and are now passed on from generation to generation. Do not, visitor, make the. There are no direct flights to Belgrade from Bucharest. Malev www. The train is therefore the only real option for non-business travellers. There is one daily train, an overnighter that departs Bucharest at and arrives in Belgrade at You will pay almost half that if you choose a couchette. The first leaves at The train takes an agonizing 14 hours, and there are four each day.

The first leaves at arriving in Budapest at ; the next one leaves at arriving in Budapest at ; another leaves at arriving ; while the last leaves at arriving at All trains from Bucharest arrive at Budapest Keleti. You will get nowhere. In the case of poor old Brasov, the entire town suffered the fate of carrying the name Stalin from to Onesti, in northern Romania, was from known as Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, after the first leader of communist Romania.

For example, while Piata Muncii is now officially Piata Eudoxiu Hulmuzachi, try asking a taxi driver to take you to Piata Eudoxiu Hulmuzachi and see what happens. Public toilets in Bucharest are few and far between. You are better off finding the nearest fast food outlet and purveying yourself of their facilities. There are flights five days a week from Bucharest to Chisinau with Tarom, and three days a week with Air Moldova www. The best way to get to Chisinau therefore is probably to take the train.

The overnight Prietenia service takes almost 13 hours, departing Bucharest at , arriving in the Moldovan capital at the next day. Two hours of this is spent at Ungheni on the border, where the wheels are changed: Moldovan tracks have a wider gauge. Half the fun of the trip is watching this impressive operation less fun perhaps is the fact that it takes place at around The trip to Kyiv takes more than 24 hours on the train and costs more than the plane , so best opt for the daily flight with Carpat Air www.

The best way to get to Sofia is to fly. There are daily flights except Sunday with Tarom www. You can take the train too, via Giurgiu and Ruse. There are two trains per day: the quickest is the daytime train, which leaves Gara de Nord at and arrives in Sofia at The overnight train departs Bucharest at , arriving in Sofia at the next morning. Prices vary depending on what train you take and what accommodation you choose.

Few people actually do however as the bottled variety is far tastier and incredibly cheap. Pay around 2. Cutitul de Argint 26 Parcul Carol. The voice is still as chilling as ever, and though her most recent albums have lacked the mass appeal of previous efforts, they betray a mature performer at the top of her game. Live, she is electrifying, and this should be an excellent gig, helped by the dramatic backdrop of the Arenele Romane venue.

Q Concert starts Tickets 79 - lei from www. Campineanu 28, tel. In fact, this show is something of a coup for Bucharest: Kraftwerk rarely perform their electronic masterpieces live. Tickets lei from www. Ion Campineanu 28, tel. Tickets - lei from www. New York punk band inspired by the Gypsy rythms of central and eastern Europe. Now perennial visitors to these parts a night with these boys is part Bregovic, part Pogues. A must. Tickets 75 lei from www. Franklin , tel. QBox office open Closed Sat, Sun.

Bilete Online www. QOpen For other Diverta locations selling tickets see www. Magazin Muzica B-4 Calea Victoriei , tel. QB My Ticket www. QBox office open Mon, Tue-Sun. The former female vocalist of Finnish heavy metal quintet Nightwish, Turunen is now devoting her time to her solo career under the stage name of Tarja. American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida. As part of the reformation, former guitarist Wes Borland is back in the fold. Ion Campineanu Besides selling millions of records and touring the world performing, Bolton is a tireless campaigner and fund raiser for charities dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence and child abuse.

Q Tickets lei from www. A primer for the main BestFest event that kicks off the following day. QBox office open , Sala Palatului B-5 , Str. QBox office open Tue-Fri Films in Romania are shown in their original language with Romanian subtitles. The exceptions are animated films: these are usualy dubbed into Romanian, though in larger multiplexes you may also find an original language version.

Look for the words dublat dubbed and subtitrat subtitled. Cinema Pro C-5, Str. Ion Ghica 3, tel. City centre, one-screen cinema behind Universitate, which shows the latest releases, with the film changing each Friday. Completely renovated a couple of years ago, the seats are comfy, sightlines are good and ticket prices OK: from 9. The best complex of cinemas in the city, offering ten screens, good popcorn and comfortable seats.

All New Masterpiece Megatron

Dacă nu eşti într-o relaţie, există şanse mari să începi să te simţi atras de o persoană neaşteptată. Dacă eşti într-o relaţie, începi să-ţi cunoşti. Horoscop Berbec. Prietenia e cel mai de preţ dar pe care l-ai primit de la viaţă şi eşti de-a dreptul fericit că ai pe cineva alături de tine capabil.

Found on the top floor of the Bucuresti Mall. Late screenings a bonus. Q Tickets Big, multiscreen cinema in the Plaza Romania offering up to 25 different films a week. Q Tickets from 10 to 50 lei. A modern, refurbished one screen cinema with seats in the centre of town. Western standards of luxury with vast marble halls, air conditioning etc.

Q Tickets from 8 to 10 lei. Bargain box office prices and top Western movies. Do not be put off by its shoddy exterior, inside it is marbled and Westernised. Five shows per day. Studio C-5, B-dul Magheru 29, tel. Shows mainstream Hollywood films, changes every Friday.

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The only gripe we would have with this 3D cinema is the creative pricing: tickets never appear to cost what you expect. Q Tickets 10 - 33 lei. More acts will be added to the bill soon. Check the website www. Q Tickets. Tickets available soon. C-7, Arenele Romane, Str. Cuban jazz combo. Tickets 99 lei from www. Probably the biggest music event of the year outside the capital. From www. Navodari Hanul Piratilor , www. Easily the biggest dance event of the year anywhere in Romania, probably the biggest in south-eastern Europe.

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A three-day extravaganza of Djs and dance music, all taking place on the beach in front of the Hanul Piratilor, in Navodari the next resort along the coast from Mamaia. Q Tickets 70 lei - lei from www. Circus While wits and wags will happily point out that Bucharest and indeed Romania is one big circus, there is in fact a permanent big-top in the capital, which, by any reckoning, is outstanding. Well funded ticket prices are not cheap the Circul Globus is a great place to bring the kids on a rainy day or any day , and the various, themed shows, though invariably in Romanian can be understood by all nationalities All your circus favourites are present, from clowns and trapeze artists to a variety of exotic animals including lions which, in November , attacked their tamer.

There are performances every Saturday and Sunday, usually at and , and you can buy tickets at the box office, open Wednesday to Sunday from Shows daily at , entrance 30 lei. A tiny city with an unofficial population of close to three million squeezed into an area the size of central London, Bucharest has precious little green space, and much of what there is exists under permanent threat of the real estate developers.

Fortunately, four large parks, one garden and one botanical garden remain to offer respite from all the concrete, and so, on a hot weekend in late May, we decided to take a look at them all. Cotroceni 32, tel. They were originally in the centre of the city, and moved to their present location in Cotroceni in The garden has an area of over 17 hectares, and hosts more than 10, species of plants.

Locals like to use the gardens as a park, and thus can often be far more full with courting couples than lovres of more floral delights. Q Open - Admission 5 lei, students and children 2 lei. There are a couple of good terraces though: La Barcader and Monte Carlo which will invariably be closed for private weddings almost every Saturday during the summer.

An enormous yet now rather rundown park one stop south of the city centre on the metro. At the entrance there are a few rides for kids, trampolines and dodgems, while further into the park is the Sala Polivalenta — a popular venue for concerts and big indoor sporting events. Between the two are vast areas of rough grass, playgrounds, an artificial lake on the shore of which is a great terrace, Cafeneaua Actorilor de Vara, which serves some of the best mici in the city.

It is today dominated by the massive Monument to the Heroes of the Struggle for Freedom and Socialism it stands 48 metres high built in and which until housed the remains of communist leaders Gheorge Gheorghiu-Dej and Petre Groza it is today empty. The park offers some pleasant walks along tree-lined paths, and good view of central Bucharest from the monument. A year or so ago the very existence of the park was threatened by the Romanian Orthodox Church, which wanted to build a cathedral on the site.

Vehement local protests halted the project, however. It was first designed and laid out in by the German landscape architect Carl Meyer, but not completed until More than 30, trees and plants were brought in from the Romanian mountains, while exotic plants were fetched from the botanical gardens in Vienna. Highlights of the 17 hectare garden include the Roman Garden, laid in the style. Nordului B-1, follow the signs to Complex Herastrau or via boat 1.

Elsewhere in Herastrau, older children can zoom around the Go Kart Track, while the Village Museum always a favourite with children of all ages, who love scurrying around the houses, churches and stables is also close by see page Note that the park can get very crowded at the weekend, especially Sundays, when half the city appears to turn up. Though specialising in off-road biking as in the motorised variety: AdventuRomania have a range of motorbikes for hire, and can also supply full riding gear , they also organise mountain biking the pedal power version , and horse riding tours.

For those who take things even more leisurely, they can hook you up with a local guide who takes hiking groups across the mountains. Yet it remains the bikes most people come for, and the specially prepared tours, which cover around kilometres per day, and which are tailor made to the ability of riders. Food in the guest house is all cooked fresh with locally sourced ingredients by a wonderful local cook, and the tasty local specialities served up each day are amongst the highlights of any stay here.

Kiseleff In the north of the. For much of the past few decades it has been considered the headline city park, first choice for families from all over the city on a warm summer afternoon. Parents access the site for free. You can get there via. Novac, Str. Liviu Rebreanu, M Titan. The twin Titan and Alexandru Ioan Cuza parks, in the unsexy yet perfectly safe neighbourhood of Titan, have been given much love of late and are showing the benefit of millions of euros of investment. Whole terraces have been landscaped, lawns laid with much softer grass than elsewhere, playgrounds built on tartan surfaces and not dreaded sand and sports pitches placed at every turn.

Look out too for the replica Maramures church on the southern side of the park, on Str. Liviu Rebreanu. A heavy presence of security guards throughout the park day and night makes everyone feel safe and ensure that nothing is spoilt. Our one gripe about Titan would be that — as yet — there are not all that many places to get something to eat or drink.

There are a few kiosks though, and at least two ice cream stands. Where to stay Hotel Listings Policy Aside from the five-star hotels listed in the category Cream of the Crop, hotels are listed strictly by price band, and then by alphabetical order within that band. The price band refers to the rack rate for a double room. C-5, Str. Episcopiei , tel. A stay at the almost century-old Athenee Palace, for more than a decade now the Bucharest Hilton, is an experience that anyone with the cash should not forego. And that even applies to people who live in Bucharest.

Treat yourself and your loved one to a night here, enjoying the sumptuous rooms, great health club and fantastic restaurants, before a nightcap at the historic English Bar. For VIPs who want the last word in luxury yet require complete and utter discretion, then the Carol Parc is the only real option in Bucharest.

There are only 17 rooms, they are all enormous, with the three suites being quite simply out of this world. The decor is classy but not overdone, and the secluded location at the end of what is an otherwise non-descript Bucharest suburban street only adds to the feeling of privacy. It is no wonder that the rich and famous who visit Bucharest and who do not want to be seen choose to stay here. Prices include breakfast.

VAT not included. Visitors of all ilks love the Crowne Plaza: business people like the adjacency of the World Trade Centre and Romexpo complexes, while tourists like its leafy surroundings and approximity to so many sights: the Village Museum especially. We like the breakfast best, a huge buffet affair served in a spacious dining room packed with natural light. The rooms. VAT and breakfast not included. You get the feeling that they care here, really. The hands-on management and friendly staff all appear to want nothing more than to make your stay as wonderful as possible.

You will want for nothing at the towering Ho Jo, home to luxurious rooms, a great health club, two excellent in-house restaurants Avalon and Benihana and - whisper it - the best breakfast of the lot. Those who like high-rise thrills should ask for a room on the upper floors: the views are terrific. Prices include breakfast and free access to the health club. Transformed by a change of management, the eenter as locals call it is a proud member of the Bucharest hotel elite.

Standing over 80 metres tall, from its completion in until the opening of the Europa Tower in Piata Victoriei, the Inter Continental was the tallest building in Romania for more than thirty years. With wifi internet now available in all rooms, it is still a favourite with visiting journalists and businessmen. Q rooms singles, 70 doubles, 18 junior suites, 1 Imperial Suite. Prices do not include VAT and breakfast.

The palatial JW Marriott stands behind the Palace of Parliament, but is no way - either literally or metaphorically - overshadowed by its bigger neighbour. Indeed, the Marriott is now itself something of a Bucharest landmark, a self-contained village of shops, restaurants, bars and, of course, luxurious hotel rooms. Every room has a great view - not always the case in Bucharest - and each has immense bathrooms, complete with both bath and shower. Q rooms singles lei, 97 doubles lei, 8 junior suites lei, 6 suites lei, 7 apartments lei, 2 Presidential suites lei.

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B-4, Calea Victoriei 37B, tel. How many hotels in Bucharest have golf simulators? What we love best of all here is the faux Neo-Classical facade that precedes the hotel. It is an exact replica of the old National Theatre, which stood on this site from the s until the Germans bombed it in World War II. Such deference to the past is a real touch of class that simply sums up the whole establishment.

Inside you can. Where to stay expect fine rooms and high quality service. There is also a swimming pool, fitness centre and plenty of parking. Montreal 10, tel. Dare we say it but we find the rooms at the four-star Pullman you might remember it as the Sofitel to be bigger and far better decorated than a couple of the more celebrated five-star places in town. Quite simply we love the Pullman, as we did the Sofitel, not only for its rooms, but for its towering presence, great staff and super selection of restaurants including more next door at the World Trade Centre.

Pocket also spent their wedding night here, so forgive us for being a little sentimental. Concentrating on both wellknown and more offbeat European destinations, its free downloadable city guides are compiled by locals and regularly updated. The guides are free to download and print off as pdfs and have information on where to eat and stay and what to see on European city breaks. The bimonthly, English-language series of small guides are a mix of Lonely Planet and Time Out, and have become a European publishing phenomenon.

The stunnigly modern-looking Radisson has raised the bar in the Bucharest hotel stakes and brought welcome competition to the city centre five-star market. Spacious and colourful and clearly Scandanavia-influenced common areas are complimented by the wonderful rooms. Even the standard doubles feature walk-in showers, wonderful bath tubs and nifty coffee machines.

There is free wifi throughout the hotel, as well as a garden, bar and terrace complete with outdoor swimming pool; there is an indoor pool too : a wonderful place to spend warm summer evenings. Prices include breakfast except single, double and extra bed rates. Thoroughly renovated since becoming part of the Vienna Hotels Group last year this place now sparkles with bright colours and contemporary design, including a startling lobby. Staff fall overthemselves to help, and there is a free shuttle for guests to and from the airport across the road. The buffet breakfast gets them points too.

Prices include VAT and breakfast. Yet whereas size can often disappoint, here the grand scale merely adds to the luxurious feeling of staying somewhere rather special. The apartments here are large, airy and brilliantly, uniquely decorated.

Q 62 hotel-apartments 2 rooms:. This place is within walking distance of just about any nocturnal activity you may have in mind. If the rooms are a little basic then they are at least generous in size, and all have - hurrah - big double beds. A good buffet breakfast included in the price is served from - Located in a charismatic and quiet street in the northern suburbs, the ultra-modern Class has spacious rooms pretty much up to five-star standard, some having lavish bathrooms and green views into the nearby countryside.

Prices include VAT. A lovely little hotel in a nice part of town, full of surprises and little luxuries. The staff are helpful and polite, and the whole ambience is conducive to relaxing. Spacious rooms, large bathrooms, and all the amenities you need. Stylish little four star hotel in what was once the old residential heart of Bucharest, just a few hundred metres from Piata Universitatii.

Common areas are well kept and there is a small, cosy bar to enjoy a nightcap in. In what was once a rather dowdy location the Golden Tulip Times hotel has single handedly succeeded in making the area bright, breezy and worth spending time in. It has succeeded by offering reasonably priced, large rooms with enormous bathrooms and a wealth of facilities and extras.

The Koller boys, famous for fine hotels across Europe, have done it again. Champions at coming up with understated elegance, and at mixing the ancient and the modern better than anyone else, the Elisabeta is testimony to their skill. Fine, large rooms and sublime common areas make this a truly wonderful place to stay.

Service is as good as you could hope for. Rooms are plain but well sized and have free high-speed internet, as well as requisite fluffy bath robes and thick, thick mattresses. All aboard! Michelangelo B-4, Str. Henri Coanda 25, tel. From the moment you walk into the lobby, which aches to be considered Secession, you know that you have made a decent choice.

This place has class at every turn, and though the size of the bathrooms disappointed us a little, nothing else did. The attention to detail is outstanding, the decor playfully ostentatious and the service way in advance of the competition. At these prices you cannot go wrong. While you could never accuse this place of being central. The fitness centre is one of the best in the city and the location is handy for Herastrau Park, making it a good choice for families looking for a little space. Did we say space? Yes we did: there is plenty of that in the huge rooms.

Very comfortable hotel which has served very well in brightening up what was once just a concrete wasteland of an area. The hotel really tries to do what it can, by offering great value, large rooms, all with a host of little extras. There are conference facilities, a cafe-bar, a fitness centre and sauna. We also have yet to mention the restaurant: really very good and super value.

Breakfast not included. Most rooms have a jacuzzi in the bathroom, but are otherwise a little on the small side, albeit luxurious. Huge and really quite fetching, this gargantuan and not without charm edifice stands out for miles from its position on the back-road to Otopeni airport. Inside rooms are large and furnished with splendid wooden beds, while the common areas have an ever-so-slightly Middle Eastern feel that reek of fine hospitality and not a little luxury.

The lobby indeed is perhaps the. Where to stay a decent restaurant, the Red Pepper. A wonderful villa, this place offers real luxury and a quiet, understated atmosphere. All the rooms, studios and apartments are bright, big and have stunning bathrooms. It also has a fantastic spa, complete with sauna, steam bath and enormous jacuzzi, perfect for tired business types in need of evening relaxation. Fantastic hotel in a good area of the capital, offering large, excellent value rooms and super services. There are little touches of class all over the hotel that suggest they really care.

The wrought iron beds, for example, are fabulous, as is the newly added spa, complete with sauna and jacuzzi. The restaurant is also worth a visit, serving good international cuisine. Want a room in the heart of Bucharest? This place is for you. A delicious villa conversion in the middle of Piata Amzei, close to, well, everything. The rooms are all enormous, all are individually furnished and have bags of character, many with sloping ceilings and hidden nooks and crannies. The bathrooms are a little more modest, but are a decent size and very well decorated. It even has a sauna and jacuzzi.

Correct us if we are wrong but we think this is the only hotel in Bucharest offering free parking a rarity , a huge swimming pool an even bigger rarity and eight tennis courts unheard of. Rooms are well enough furnished if just a tad on the small size, and the breakfast is fantastic. Though not all that inspring from the outside, this new, modern hotel takes our prize for having the best bathrooms in the city. Luxurious is not the word. The rooms struggle to compete but do just about well enough, holding their own with fine furnishings if not size.

Given its central location the oasis of a terrace at the back comes as something of a surprising bonus. With a thorough refit now complete, the Majestic - now a Ramada hotel - is once again one of the top hotels in the city, offering high class services, large rooms and second-to-none amenities. Smart, modern and dead central.

What more could you want? For your money you are getting a good deal here: the rooms are big and well furnished with plenty of mod cons, such as LCD televisions, while the bathrobes in the sumptuous bathrooms are suitably fluffy and the cosmetics a cut above the norm. The old Hotel Turist is unrecognisable as the shiny new Ramada Plaza. Space age lamps and comfortable armchairs in the lobby set the tone for what is a very originally designed hotel. Standard rooms are furnished with wonderful beds, flat screen televisions, small but superb bathrooms all with a tub and windows you can open.

The eight apartments are bigger and have snazzy spin televisions and a comfy sofa to watch them on. There is wifi throughout free in common areas , a good lobby bar the Vanilla, complete with vanilla scent and. Rooms are large, bathrooms equally so and the add-ons, service and general ambience of the place is tip-top. MPipera, tel.

Decent enough hotel in a good area of town, in a quiet spot away from the bustle of the city centre. Part of the booming mid-range sector, it has recently come under the wing of Best Western and as such a good value stay is guaranteed. You will like the well-sized bathrooms, and breakfast is a very good buffet affair. These luxurious apartments in the very heart of the city are just perfect.

Large and comfortable, they all come with air conditioning and large bathrooms, televisions and internet access. Charter Drumul Odaii 1D, Otopeni, tel. For what you pay at this new hotel, you get a large amount of room indeed. Close to the airport on the other side of the road to McDonalds this place is perfect if you have an early flight, though it is only fair to say that it is a good 30 minutes or so to the city centre. Still, with rooms and services to match anywhere, and at prices as though as these, we doubt anyone will be complaining.

Hence the slighty over ostentatious decor of the place, but service is excellent multi-lingual, helpful staff and friends who stayed here reported only good things. The location is central without being noisy, and the rooms themselves are all well-sized and well-equipped. Staff are friendly, befitting a small hotel, and ready to see to your every need. MP-ta Victoriei, tel. Rooms are large and well appointed, and at the moment they offer some of the best value in the city.

Wireless internet in all rooms, a great breakfast, fitness club and loads more extras all included in the price. The central location, on a quiter part of Calea Victoriei, is great too. Horoscop C-7, Bd. Dimitrie Cantemir 2, MP-ta Unirii, tel. New hotel in the north of the city, and a real find. Lovely rooms, sauna, restaurant and a wrought iron. Handy for the station Gara de Nord and Piata Victoriei, the location is good too.

Not a cheap sleep, mind you. Found in the old heart of Bucharest it is a wonder of understatement and dignified luxury never tending to the opulent. Original wooden floors set the tone, and crisp white bed linen, stacks of freshly puffed towels and the subtle lighting finish it off. No wonder its full most of the time; make a reservation well in advance. The Minerva is renowned and popular for its pleasantly intimate and slightly secretive atmosphere.

The rooms are sizeable, have televisions, fabulous beds and adjoining bathrooms. Monte-Nelly D-5, Str. Corbeni 30, tel. Smart, wonderfully decorated establishment that succeeds in breaking away from the tedium that besets most Bucharest hotels in this class. There is real thought and individuality behind most of the rooms, and the large beds are fantastic. Staff are great, and there is guarded parking: a real bonus in this town. Ion Brezoianu 37, tel. Many years ago Bucharest In Your Pocket slept here: it was a terribly grotty place fit only for the desperate hence our presence.

Now of course the Opera has been completely renovated and is a great value, mid-range kind of place offering good rooms, excellent ser-. Apartments are good value and come with fluffy bathrobes. At the bustling junction of B-dul Iancu de Hunedoara, Stefan cel Mare and glitzy Calea Dorobantilor is Starlight, the first hotel of its kind to open in. Where to stay Romania.

Every room is a suite, complete with seperate living and sleeping areas; some have two bedrooms. All have air conditioning, the latest in home entertainment systems, and kitchenettes complete with microwaves. The fitness centre is free to guests, and a continental breakfast is included in the price. Excellent value for money. D-6, Str. Cauzasi 27, MP-ta Unirii, tel. Looking supremely modern on the outside, the Tiny Club is in fact a classical little hotel that attempts to make all its guests feel as at home as possible.

The rooms are large, beds are grandiose and all have individual climate control and cable TV. Pries include VAT and breakfast. B-5, Str. Pompiliu Eliade 2, tel. Lovingly renovated with care, taste and not a little style, the Venezia completes a handy little triumvirate of three-star accommodation options in and around Bulevardul Kogalniceanu the others being the Opera and Central hotels, all part of the same chain.

Expect some unique rooms, some with real character provided by the shape of the building, lovely staff and some throughly reasonable prices. Add in speedy internet connections, air conditioning in all rooms and a non-smoking environment, and you have a winner. Boasting probably the most enormous rooms in the city at least in this price-range , this new hotel sits right opposite Cismigiu Park in the heart of Bucharest. Packed with all sorts of extras the rooms are classy as well as big, and staff will do all they can to make your stay here a happy one.

This Art-Deco masterpice of a building, completed in , simply cries out for a five-star makeover. Rooms are not large but are big enough, though unimaginatively furnished. In-room internet connections have to be paid for extra. Prices include a good buffet breakfast. A beautiful but unkempt-looking facade conceals the fact that most of the rooms are modern and clean and come with a television and spacious bathrooms. Classy little three star not too far from the city centre.

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Rooms are well appointed, tastefully decorated - doubles have large beds - and the common areas are spacious and well lit. With a location to be envied, on Calea Victoriei just minutes from Universitate, there is a real Parisian elegance to this building. The rooms are luxuriously large, as are the beds, and have double-glazed windows to protect you from the noise outside.

Vlaicu, tel. Very swish hotel in the ever-popular northern area of the city. The place looks like a beautifully converted red-brick Victorian warehouse and is actually three separate buildings and a lot of surrounding greenery. All rooms have internet, are spacious and are very well simple colours decorated. Good place for bargain hunters: central, clean and amazingly modern with friendly, sometimes multilingual staff.

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You have the choice of six different types of room, each being different in size and facilities. Skinflints can go for the smallest rooms with shared and clean bathrooms, while the bigger rooms have en suite facilities and televisions. Q 39 rooms 30 singles lei, 2 doubles lei, 7 suites lei. Escape from the hectic atmosphere outside and relax your weary body in a secluded and personal atmosphere. Rooms are tastefully furnished and simple and have small bathrooms some with only a shower. Cheap, cheerful ish and good value hotel opposite Gara de Nord. Cheaper rooms have no facilities there is a shared shower and toilet in the corridor while those more expensive rooms that offer a private bath also offer a TV and telephone.

This used to be the grim old Cerna for those who think they recognise it from days gone by. Otopeni International - sorry, Henri Coanda - has got itself another hotel in close proximity, this time the Confort, just a short wing span from the airport. Good value, well equipped and really rather spa-. Where to stay cious rooms on offer, but it is the location you will be coming for. D-5, Str. Traian 55, tel. From the people who brought you the Hotel Confort out by the airport, the Confort Traian is a hotel much closer to the centre of the city. Standards are high, and all the well-appointed rooms are of a good size.

Service is friendly and multi-lingual. Q 15 rooms 7 singles lei, 7 doubles lei, 1 suite lei. Neat and tidy it is not big on frills but offers good rooms and high standards of service for a good price. All rooms are air conditioned, beds are large and the on site restaurant is fine. C-3, Str. Albac 25, tel. Not ideally located, this new hotel is nevertheless no more than ten minutes in a taxi from the centre of the city: in busy periods walking can be quicker. Rooms are not large but are well enough furnished, all with superb beds, wireless internet, state of the art televisions and cooling air conditioning.

The buffet breakfast is very good and included in the - what it has to be said is a very competitive - price. B-4, Calea Grivitei , tel. Two stars never looked so good. For your paltry amount of cash you are getting a lot of hotel room here, complete with flat screen televisions and mattresses thicker than many a five-star.

Bathrooms are a bit pokey but they are more than adequate, and as far as value for money goes we think this is one of the best deals in the city. Find the place a short walk from the station, right next to the Ibis. Prices do not include breakfast. The Ibis is just about the best value hotel in the Romanian capital, offering well appointed rooms with good bathrooms, comfy beds and televisions boasting more channels than you can watch, at a more than reasonable price. The Ibis is not found in the most salubrious area of town, it must be said, but it should be hoped that the hotel will act as a catalyst for much needed rejuvenation of the zone around Gara de Nord.

Ibis Palatul Parlamentului B-6, Str. Izvor , tel. The second Ibis hotel to open in Bucharest is just as good as the first. Situated just south of the enormous Palatul Parlamentului, it has all the services and little extras you would expect of an Ibis hotel. Rooms are simple but well sized, bathrooms are super, and for the price, value for money is high.

Mara Gast D-6, Str. Anton Pann 12, tel. Two doors away from the former house of writer Anton Pann, the Mara Gast. Snagov Mirage Snagov Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti , tel. Snagov is a small town 20 kilometers from Bucharest famous for its lake and monastery: it is said that the remains of Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, are buried under the monastery church. Snagov has long been a retreat for the good crowd of the capital and you can now stay here in comfort thanks to this contemporary hotel.

Rooms are large and well decorated, have great bathrooms, and plush carpets. The top floor bar has great views of the lake. Not that the rooms here are bad at all: all are a decent size, and though a little Spartan are clean and come with bathrooms and televisions. The breakfast is great and included in the more than reasonable price. Q 13 rooms 2 singles lei, 9 doubles lei, 2 apartments lei. Calea Bucurestilor A, tel. This relatively new hotel out towards Otopeni airport is a sibling of the Hotel Confort, and run by the same people.

A little more luxurious in fact than the Confort, you can expect the same well-sized rooms, good service and good value you have come to expect from the Confort people. This is a cracking little place, in the very heart of Old Town, just a shake or two away from the legendary. Elegant studios, and one and two bedroom apartments in dead-central areas of Bucharest.

All are well furnished and impeccably tasteful. A, ap. Fabulous apartments, with every comfort and convenience possible, from maid service to airport pick-up, available in central areas of the capital. They have a hour service, so you can arrive, leave, call for help or anything else you might need around the clock.

Well-furnished and superbly appointed apartments all over the city centre. All are air conditioned, have internet connections and offer free local telephone calls. Car and driver and airport pick-up available too. Accommodation in 3, 4 or 5 stars apartments located in and around the centre of Bucharest. Apartments come well equipped, all with air conditioning, internet access, jacuzzi and a fire place.

Short-stay apartments in various locations around the city centre. The apartments are in exclusive buildings in which all the apartments belong to Stil Suites , so no worries about noisy neighbours or such like. There is a variety of apartments to choose from. Breakfast served in your room should you so wish. A large villa packed with several different suites, all of which are nig and come furnished with some terrific period furniture. Rooms are good value, bright and airy, and are furnished in a modern, bright and airy style.

The best is the split level sky room, with its sky light and raised sleeping area. Smart, modern and very yellow hotel not far from the centre of Bucharest. The decor is a step-above the norm, with bright colours and really quite orginal design making a refreshing break from the beige and tan of other places in its class. Almost every room has a balcony, and some even have hydro-massage showers. A good breakfast is included in the price.

Prices include breakfast and VAT. Grigore Cobalcescu 9, tel. Cobalcescu, next to the Ministry of Defence and opposite Cismigiu Park. The building is a superb Secession renovation on a street that boasts some extraordinary buildings: it is a shame not all are up to this standard. Inside the rooms are simple, tastefully decorated and offer excellent value for money. Bathrooms have either a bath or a shower. Plantelor 2, tel.

Leave aside the English breakfast served strictly from , no exceptions, and included in the price , the simply furnished rooms are all non-smoking, and are kept spotlessly clean. Q Singles lei, doubles lei. Berthelot 63, tel. Offering free cigarettes may appear to be a good idea when the bulk of your clients are penniless students, but it sounds like irreponsibility to us. Anyway, this wacky! Q 4 dormitory rooms 28 beds, 9. Sweet and very friendly pension very close to Gara de Nord one block east of Str.