February 7 eclipse horoscope

Your Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They’ll Affect Your Life

Worrying about income makes no difference but it could attract dishonest individuals. There are plenty of sharks out there all-too-happy to feed on trusting Librans. Stay silent about your income and expenditure. Daily routine is happily abandoned when you fall into the company of exciting new friends.

For singles, the cosmos conjures up someone especially interesting. For those already coupled, passions reach boiling point - then settle to a steady simmer. With much of work on hold, discover more leisurely ways of spending the week ahead. It could be, too, that an envious colleague wants to make you look bad, just to boost their own reputation. End result: head-on conflict.

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Keep a distance from trouble, if you can. Still, you might like to know that many power planets are on your side too, and striking canny deals on your behalf. Remember to respect financial limitations. Think twice before saying anything in the heat of the moment, or you may regret it. This is particularly important at work, as you could upset a colleague. This week an important life cycle comes to an end.

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As far as aesthetics go, Venus in Cancer is a tchotchke collector, because everything has sentimental value. Mercury retrograde begins on July 7, the fifth planetary retrograde this month! During retrograde, planets take a rest from doing their normal job, and so should we.

Be receptive and patient; everything makes more sense in time. The new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on 2 July hits a hard reset button on your life, pushing you along your path in ways that you could never have imagined! An eclipse is a force of nature, and so are you, dear Cancer.


If your energy is low, take the time to sit back and plot. This supercharged fresh start is something you'll be feeling until Listen to yourself.

As Venus enters your sign, understand, accept, and nurture your desires. Take care of your body and everything that supports it.

Your 12222 Horoscope

Infamous Mercury retrograde strikes this week, running through your house of material possessions. The new moon eclipse puts you in touch with the things that make you special, your hidden depths and idiosyncrasies. As the moon gently connects with inventive Uranus, discover how experimenting with these quirks can make you stand out and receive more life-affirming attention.

Action planet Mars moves into Leo on Monday, and this gives you more strength to assert yourself.

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You have a lot of energy to be seen and heard. Mercury retrograde begins Sunday, helping you understand your place in the world. This week gives you an enriched perspective on where you stand, and what makes your message special. Tap into your intuition as Mars in Leo pushes you to be guided by a hidden impulse.

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The Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 2, , at 10° Cancer is The Solar Eclipse July astrology will compliment themes found in the July 16 Lunar . I had seen a solar eclipse before, when I was seven, holding my nanny's hand. Solar Eclipse, Feb 7 , 17° Aquarius 44′. Lunar Eclipse, Feb 21 , 01° Virgo 52′. Solar Eclipse, Aug 1 , 09° Leo 32′. Lunar Eclipse, Aug

The new moon eclipse shuts and opens doors for your relationship to your community, Virgo. The people that come into or leave your life as friends or benefactors are meant to lead you along your path. Embrace your most experimental beliefs. Look for people who can accept and understand things that others may find radical. Your planetary ruler Mercury begins its retrograde journey through your house of seclusion, asking you to take some time to embody the hermit tarot card. Take some alone time to seek your truth. Let the motion of the world move around you as you understand your place and purpose.

You are falling into line according to your professional rebrand of destiny. The new moon eclipse in your house of career pushes you to a point of visibility and fame, where you can really perform and show the world how caring and artistic you are.

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Your planetary ruler Venus moves into Cancer, helping you be recognized and valued for your achievements and well-connectedness. You can really charm authority figures now, Libra! This Mercury retrograde, beginning Sunday, brings old friends and colleagues into your life. Finally, Leo season begins on July 22 as the Sun drifts into this vibrant fire sign. For you, Leo energy activates your partnership zone, encouraging you to think in pairs. On July 31, a New Moon in Leo will ask you to consider the value of a "plus one.

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