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This is a ''very good-advice'' report I appreciate it! Atmakarka Reading is very well explained, thank you. Adhi Yoga Analysis with 2 years scan-this is a thorough and understandable reading. Moving Jupiter Reading is very helpful reading and advice, I remain grateful for the information. Adhi Yoga Analysis reading with 2 year scan - This is a thorough and understandable reading. Very well written, detailed and provides clear personality. Like it D10 Career reading with 2 year scan. Provides clear guideline for remedies.

I am big spiritual person, that's where energy comes thru. But i see its mentioned in report as well. Thanks very much. Spot on! Although I am single right now, much of the details and there were many of my future partner are right in-line with men I seek out relationships with. Also, the delay that is mentioned is very accurate but what I found valuable in this reading is the reason behind the delay and the remedy that is offered.

The 2 year career analysis report really provided insight on how I can better manage myself during stressful periods in my career. Thanks for the insight. Thanks for the insight that was much needed! Great tool to navigate my life. This is true that I am spendthrifty and have problem with hip joint. Six years ago I had fractured my hip joint and escaped operation but it remains my week area and can go to complication. So every thing is right. I am very satisfied.

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Thank You very much. It is very helpful to be cautious all througout because of the remedies you gave. Very informative and helpful.

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Similar sounding names: Sameen, Seemeen, Siomon, Simeon, Simone, Simona, Suman, Sauman, Simen, Saman, Simin, Samina, Siemen, Samen, Soman, Sameena, Samin, Simon, Simonee. Find compatibility of name Sumana with different names. Meaning of name 'Sumana' in different Region (Origin). Sumana Hindu Girl name meaning, origin and other details. Sumana name variations, Sumana name popularity, Sumana Astrology details of name Sumana.

I would like more remedies. I really appreciate giving such a beautiful and true prediction. Very Informative, Simple and Easy to Understand. Can work proactively if any issue. Thank you - so well worded, and right on the mark! Thanks a lot for the detailed analysis and guidance. It has provided enough moral support for me during this important part of my Journey. Off course having good aspects to look forward to.. Thanks I do have some knowledge of vedic astrology and this is very accurate. Thanks to Indastro I found my soulmate. My wife and I are very happy and could not have made this happen without the guidance of Indastro.

Many blessings for the Indastro team! I admire your scientifical and interesting approach, you are excellent. For the first time I have seen astrologer of your calibre. Simply superb. I want you to do my Saturn Karma report. Very articulated presentation and one of the best sites to get information. The general prediction of the horoscope is very good. Indastro website is well managed with all the relevant details on the various services that are offered.

Indastro effort in making astrology a good tool to manage, better one's life is well appreciated. With such accurate depictions as this, I find myself wishing only that there was more content to read! Very simple and understandable reading. Thanks Indastro.

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Each of the word in this reading is true and nothing but the truth. Thanks Indastro! The basic analysis of the chart is perfect and to the mark. Clarity of predictions. Easy to understand. Amazing - I was surprised how can these astrological predictions be so true Highly accurate, would suggest all others to give it a go! I'll contact you in future for any other questions! The point to be noted is that this only gives the extent of occult and spiritual knowledge. How is this knowledge going to be used is the next question. It should 73 A person adept at Mantra Shastra.

Maharishi Jaimini explains this point with some examples. Dental problems show up in the latter case as a symptom. He looks after the individual during the present birth. It is for this reason that the profession of the parent was advised to the natives in days of yore. However, in modern day charts, this feature may not be present and the Palana Devata will have to be determined for each chart.

This deity should be favorable for good livelihood and financial success. The strength of planetary influence on the concerned house should be seen on the basis or rules given under 3. The Guru s are indicated by the Bhratrikaraka as well as the planets 74 Amatya Karaka is the second among the Chara Karaka in the eight planet scheme. Mantra Shastra 77 conjoining and aspecting it in the Navamsa. These Guru s would be teaching Dharma, Jyotisha etc. Veda or Vedanga.

Guru s in other areas are to be seen in other divisional charts. The second house rules the family and the Vimsamsa D Chart is used to determine Upasana or worship. Thus, we can infer that the family deity is seen from the second house in the Vimsamsa D Chart. Thus, this can also be useful for birth chart rectification in the case of babies as other events of their life would not be available. However, these can be different if the fourth house does not have any association with the second house.

This normally happens in a small village, which constitutes a Kula Family.

However, in large cities and towns, the Sthana Devata is definitely different Sthana refers to large place in this context and is seen in the strongest planetary influence on the fourth house in the Vimsamsa Chart. These include: The aspect of transit Jupiter by Rasi dristi or sign sight on the Mantrapada A5 brings one into contact with the Guru and the receipt of Guru Mantra can take place if other factors favour.

The transit of Ketu in trines to the Arudha Lagna AL makes a person spiritually inclined and renunciation can occur. The Vimsottari dasa of planets influencing the fifth and ninth houses gives the knowledge of Mantra and Guru. This is also to be seen in the Vimsamsa D Chart. This is called the Karakamsa. This is Leo and Mercury is placed in this sign in Vargottama.

Mercury indicates Vishnu and as per Harihara76 being in the second Drekkana will indicate Sri Krishna specifically. The sixth house from this sign is Cancer. The native can worship any of these deities although the 76 Chapter 2; Para 2. The native belongs to a Brahmin family of Puri and hence the reading about Jagannath Krishna as the Sthana Devata and Ista Devata is accurate and crystal clear now. The Sun is the Lord of the 4th house but is placed in the second house family and indicates the Kula Devata as Shiva.

It is based on the Kalachakra or the wheel of time, which is composed of eight spokes and has the 28 constellations distributed in these spokes.

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Each of these spokes is in one of the cardinal or intermediate directions and is reckoned starting from the east and moving in the clockwise direction. Fig 3. The Sun is worshipped in the eastern direction and rules the Pratipada and Navami Tithi in both the bright and dark halves of the lunar month.

Thus, an idol or picture or any symbol of the Ista Devata should be placed in the eastern direction. The best time to worship any deity is on the day weekday ruled by the lord of the sign wherein the planet representing the deity is placed in the natal chart. This is the best time of propitiation as given in the Agastya Nadi. If the Tithi is also ruled by Rahu like Astami 8 or Amavasya K , then the results are sure to accrue at an early date. The deities are also seen from the Kalachakra.

The evils of the natural malefic planets are removed and the blessings of natural benefic planets are obtained by worshipping the deities associated with the Tithi ruled by the planets. Mars rules the Truteeya 3 representing lust and Ekadasi ruling anger. Ganesha is worshipped by students on Chaturthi 4 to increase their desire for learning Mercury. Saraswati is worshipped on Panchami 5thTithi also called Sri Panchami to increase knowledge and understanding Jupiter as Brihaspati is worshipped on Dhana Trayodasi 13 to augment wealth.

Similarly, the eight Yama of the night are reckoned from the fifth from the planet ruling the day. Starting from 6. These desires are unlimited and being the Asura Guru, he gives knowledge of the things and acts of pleasure. To overcome this evil a person should lead a simple life and curtail desire. When this desire is denied or delayed, it gives rise to passion and envy and takes the form of a poisonous snake in the Kundalini i. Worship of Shiva in this form leads to great prosperity and fulfillment of all desires.

Shiva is worshipped in the form of a Linga Golden embryo called Hiranyagarbha on Narka Chaturdasi 14 to remove all the sins caused by desires of the past or present along with the Bull Nandi. Saturn keeps track of all our sins and punishes us during his Dasa, Sadesati78 or Kantaka Sani79 periods. The effect of Saturn can be very disastrous and suitable remedial measures as indicated by the Kalachakra are always advised. To remove the evils of 78 Sade-Sati is the seven and half transit period of Saturn as it passes through the signs in the twelfth, first and second as reckoned from the Natal Moon.

Rahu is the cause of re-birth as it is always opposed to Ketu the cause of Moksha or emancipation. Rahu represents all kinds of curses and bondages including re-birth. Please note the specific association of the planets and the Tithi Vedic days in the Kalachakra. For those adept at using the Prasna Chart and the Hora, this is relatively simple.

The placement of the Lord of the Hora will indicate the aspect of life troubling the mind. The Arudha Lagna will be the Area of life the problem relates to. Instead if a malefic is in Lagna and benefic in Arudha Lagna, know that the problem is very deep-rooted and perhaps quite difficult to solve. The Lord of the Hora shows the immediate cause of manifestation of the problem. The other rules can be learnt from Prasna Marga or any other standard text. The time is the second Hora of Wednesday.

This is ruled by the Moon. The Lady was surprised that I could say all this and stated that she wanted to know whether her husband would get a ticket to fight the forthcoming election in Andhra Pradesh, and the outcome. The Lagna with the tenth Lord shows the objective of Power and position. The Lagna Lord Sun in a house of the Moon shows that this is the second attempt and that there are too many secret enemies Rahu who threaten to eclipse the beginning Sun.

The Sun indicates the beginning i. Further, the 11th Lord Mercury gain of final objective is retrograde and also placed in Cancer in the 12th house. While this combination denies success, its conjunction with the Sun can show gain of objective. These can also be suitably extended to other houses. The principle is that the house, its Lord as well as its natural significator should all be afflicted either together or separately by malefics. Affliction of Jupiter by Saturn and Mars or by Rahu indicates the curse of a Brahmin Priest or spiritual person in the last birth.

The houses owned by Saturn shows the area of trouble. A Brahmin will also fulfill the curse of a Brahmin, although he would be of very bad temperament and nature. Remedy lies in Chandrayana82 Vrata fasting and donation of cows, five gems and some gold. Mantra Shastra 89 Chart 3. The presence of other exalted planets in quadrants also constitutes powerful Mahapurush Yoga like Ruchak Mars and Sasa Saturn , besides Dharma Karmadhipati yoga etc. Yet anyone who has read the Ramayana will see how much suffering Bhagawan had to undergo in this incarnation.

Thus, the presence of a curse can mar the fructification of a Rajyoga. Jupiter is aspected by Saturn and Mars showing the curse of a Brahmin Since Jupiter is in Lagna, Sri Ram had to undergo this suffering. The houses owned by Saturn indicate the aspect of life where the suffering will occur. Ravana the Lanka King abducted his wife Sri Sita and they had to undergo untold suffering leading to the death and destruction of the Demon King. Ravana was a Brahmin by birth but not by Karma. Bhagawan Sri Ram worshipped Lord Shiva at Rameshwar just before the battle with Ravana and was redeemed from the curse.

Sri Narayana Vishnu turned his face into that of a monkey and the bride rejected him. Learning about this, Narada flew into a rage and cursed Narayana that He too would have to suffer the loss of His beloved Sri Lakshmi. Its affliction of a house, its lord or its significator either together or separately with either Saturn or Mars shows the curse of serpents. The curse of serpents is very destructive in nature and results in the gradual destruction of a house due to the spread of poison in that house. The curse of serpents is also seen in such adverse yoga like Sarpa Yoga presence of three or more malefics in quadrants or Kalasarpa Yoga all planets hemmed between the nodes.

Remedy lies 84 in making an idol of Nagaraja Lord of Serpents in Gold and worshipping it. Donate a cow, some land, sesamum seeds and a little gold. In the case of Sarpa Yoga, the presence of benefic planets in quadrants destroys the Sarpa Yoga while for Kalasarpa Yoga, the presence of benefic planets in either the Lagna or 7th house or conjoining either of the nodes destroys the Kalasarpa yoga.

In this manner the remedial measures can be prescribed. This is symbolized by the rosary of Rudraksh beads. Mantra Shastra 91 the artha-trikona87 of both especially the tenth house through which the Karma is transferred. Thus, affliction of a house, its Lord and significator by the Sun and other malefic planets either jointly or separately results in Pitrishapa Alternately, the placement of the tenth lord and its affliction by malefics in its trines as well as in the ascendant shows the Pitri-Rina see footnote under artha-trikona. Simultaneously, the lord of the house where the curse falls should also be afflicted.

Remedy lies in taking a dip in the holy waters of Rameswaram South India and reciting the Gayatri Mantra 1 Lakh times and finally doing Parikrama going around in the clockwise direction of a Pipal tree or a Vishnu temple while reciting the Mahamantra or the Janaka Shadakshara mantra.

Thus artha-trikona from the ascendant and the ninth house are the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses. This formed the basis of the caste system whereby the son followed the same profession as his father. BPHS The tenth house is the focus for determining Pitri-Rina or the debts of Father and ancestors in the Patriarchal lineage The entire theory of Karma and Samsara is based on this foundation.

Mars afflicting a house as the lord and significator of that house are afflicted elsewhere and related to trines shows the curse of a brother. Alternatively, the third lord replacing Mars also shows the curse of brother. These under affliction related to any house show the curse of a Maternal uncle in the last birth. Remedy lies in the installation and worship of an idol of Sri Vishnu or the construction of a well, dam or reservoir for public welfare. These under affliction related to any house show the curse of wife in the last birth.

Alternatively, by helping other people to marry and settle down, one is relieved of the curse. Similarly, Saturn with other malefics afflicting a house as its lord is related to the 8th house also shows this. The lord and significator of a house in their signs of debility also indicate the curse of departed souls. Remedy lies in Shraddha Pinda dana , Rudrabhishek, or donating a gold idol of Brahma, a cow, vessel of silver and Neelam Blue sapphire. The birth in Amavasya90, Krishna Chaturdasi91, Soonya 1. Amavasya This Tithi is ruled by Rahu and is considered very inauspicious as it brings poverty on the person born as well as the family.

It rules hell and brings untold misfortunes. A lady born in this Tithi is said to become a widow early. A female born in such a combination also begets three sons after the remedial measures. Thus, choose a suitable place in the Southwest direction. Install a water vessel kalash containing Ganga water preferably water from a holy place and the Panchapallava Thereafter performing a Yagna93, the water from the vessel should be poured on the child and the parents.

Donate some gold, silver and a black cow. Be of service to the priests or make some donations for their welfare. They can also worship Goddess Kali the deity of Amavasya Tithi. However, the Astami Tithi is also ruled by Rahu 91 Krishna-Chaturdasi: 14th day of the waning phase when the Moon is between o to o from the Sun. Mantra Shastra 95 and persons born in it should worship Sri Krishna for protection. CHART 2. In Chart the Sun is at 11o as the Moon is at 10o in Libra. Thus, the birth is in Amavasya Tithi and the Lady although born in an affluent family had to undergo untold financial hardships.

The family undertook some remedial measure in the form of regular worship of Goddess Kali. Hence, she married early and had three sons. However, disaster struck with the advent of the dasa of Saturn and the financial hardships started to increase. Her husband had a terrible accident and was bedridden for a month or so, but survived miraculously.

Saturn is the lord of the second from the Upapada UL indicating spouse and is placed in the 7th house from UL. Thus the remedial measure did work to a large extent. The effect is of the Rudra in the fifth house, being the second from the fourth causes the death of mother. The effect is of the Rudra in the seventh house.

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Being the second from the sixth causes the death of maternal uncle. The effect is of the Rudra in the 11th house. Being the seventh from the 5th, it destroys the lineage or progeny and next generation. The effect is of Rudra in the ninth house.

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The worship begins with the invocation of Varuna in a water pot placed in the North Eastern direction followed by the worship of Tryambakkam, Agni etc. Rudrabhishek95 of the idol is performed and the navagraha96 worship is done. The ceremony ends with the Yagna. This should be performed only by competent priests.

Ghatak refers to days and times when bodily affliction can occur. Hence, this is studied from the Chandra Moon Lagna Chart i. This is Soonya Tithi indicating a very weak Moon. At the time of birth of the native the mother was very sad and weeping due to the demise of her grandmother a few weeks back. Remedy for birth in Bhadra Karana lies in the worship of Lord Vishnu and other accompanying deities on an auspicious date Preferably when Mercury is strong or on a Thursday, whereas the blemish of birth in Tithi Kshyaya is removed by showing a Ghee Lamp to Lord Shiva in the evening.

Remedy lies in the Parikrama going around in the clockwise manner while reciting the Mantra of the Pipal tree times for improving the Longevity, Yagya for Lord Vishnu or Rudrabhishek for Lord Shiva. This could be either due to birth at the time of sankranti Solar ingress into a sign or due to birth during an eclipse. Surya dosha causes poverty, loss of ealth and many troubles related to the profession. The remedial measure in the form of a religious ritual is very elaborate and should be performed be a competent priest only. It includes installation of the water pot in the eastern direction followed by the worship of the Navagraha.

The water pot Kalasha should contain holy water, Saptamrittika, Shastaushaddhi, Panchapallava, and Panchagavya. The idol of the Sankranti as per weekday is installed along with the Adhidevata Sun and Pratiadhidevata Moon and worshipped. This is followed by a Yagna and the sprinkling of the water from the Kalash on the head of the parents and child. Alternatively, those who cannot have this elaborate ritual performed should recite the Navagraha stotra of Vyasadeva followed by the Mritunjaya Mantra x2 times daily for 40 Days.

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Eclipse Birth in a solar eclipse causes poverty and many hardships while that in a lunar eclipse causes physical ailments and all kinds of health problems. Determine the lord of the constellation in which the eclipse occurs at birth and prescribe remedial measures. Saptamrittika is the seven Rasa as given under Saptamsa in the previous chapter.

Another idol of Rahu should be made of Lead. Alternatively, the idol of Sri Jagannath Sri Krishna as Lord and teacher of the Universe can be used for all constellations for removing any form of blemish on the Moon, its sign or constellation. These idols are always made of wood and nails are not used. The arms are made with dovetail joints and the wood is of the Neem tree.

The carpenter is required to recite the Bhagavat Gita at the time of preparation of the idol. The offerings to the Sun are red sandal paste, red colored rice, garland of red flowers, red clothes etc. Rahu is offered black clothes, Kaajal black sooth , black flowers etc.

Finally, the Yagya is performed. Samidha refers to the small pieces of wood offered to the holy fire. Samidha for the Sun is from the Aak tree, for the Moon from the Palasa tree, for Rahu Doorva grass is used while for the deity of the constellation Samidha from the Pipal tree is used. The ritual ends by offering the Dakshina to the priest and breaking the fast. Rasi Gandanta Gandanta refers to the junction signifying end or a new beginning and in the Bha-Chakra Zodiac the three points of Zero degree Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in the junction of the Fire and Water signs shows the Gandanta.

The deities of these two constellations are Indra and Rakshas respectively and are highly inimical to each other. Similarly the junction between Aslesha and Makha constellations last quarter of Aslesha in Cancer and first quarter of Makha in Leo is very inauspicious. Some people offer cows. The other junction between the last quarter of Revati in Pisces and the first quarter of Aswini in Aries is also baneful, but has a lesser inauspiciousness value of two cows. More precisely, the three Ghatika 1 hour 12 minutes after the start of the first constellation of fiery signs and five Ghatika 2 Hours before the end of the last constellation of watery signs is called Gandanta.

If birth is in the daytime, it is called Pitri Gandanta while a night birth during Gandanta is called Matri Gandanta. He adds that such a child should be abandoned or given away or any form of hope from him should not be made. If the child survives, father should not see his face for 8 years after birth. Other authorities indicate 27 days for this abstraction of father from seeing the face of the child, which seems more practical in toways context.

Thereafter suitable remedial measures should be performed. In birth is in Gandanta and the residence of Moola is in the realm of the dead Martya Loka then great evil is indicated. The evil is lesser for the other Loka. Movable fixed and dual signs in the ascendant Lagna are said to give Moola residence of Swarga Heaven , Patala Hell and Martya loka Death realm , respectively. The second half of water sign and first half of fire signs have this Gandanta However, most authorities agree that the Gandanta is in the related constellation.

Ganda Phala: Results of birth in Gandanta. Lagna Gandanta results in the loss of intelligence while Rasi Gandanta results in premature death or loss of longevity. This deity becomes the Devata Deity-in-Chief. Since the affliction comes from an adjoining sign, the lord of the nature of the sign becomes the Adhi-Devata and the lord of the afflicting constellation becomes the Pratyadhi-Devata.

For Maharshi Gargi has a divergent view on the allocation of months for the loka. The Lord of the Jyestha constellation as per table 3. So, Indra is the Devata or Chief deity. Jyestha is in Scorpio and the junction affliction comes from the sign Sagittarius having the Moola constellation. Sagittarius is a fiery sign and the God of fire Agni is the Adhi-Devata. Moola is the afflicting constellation and the Lord of this constellation as per table 3. The ritual is normally performed in the Eastern or Northern part of the house depending on whether the Gandanta is in a fiery sign East or watery sign North.

The Kalasha water pot containing Panchagavya, Shastaushadhi and Ganga water is installed. The idol of the Devata is installed on another earthen pot adjoining the Kalasha or a gold coin can be used to represent the deity. The water from the two Kalash whould be poured on the head of the parents and the child. Donations, Dakshina and breaking of fast ends the ritual. Rudrabhishek as well as ceremonial bathing of the afflicted persons is necessary.

People who cannot afford these elaborate rituals should recite the Mahamritunjaya Mantra eight thousand times within 40 days starting from the 12th day from the birth of the child. It maybe noted that remedial measures cannot be performed for 11 days following birth. The number of the birth asterism Janma Nakshtra is multiplied by three 3. The numbers of birth tithi as recknoed from Sukla Paksha prati pada and the day of birth as reckoned from Sunday are added and the sum is divided by eight 8.

Moon in Jyestha constellation. Jyestha is the 18th star counted from Aswini. In the horoscope, the Moon is in the ninth houses ruling father and Dharma. The native saw the complete destruction of his fathers business and status within two years of his going abroad for higher studies ninth house. Female birth in daytime and male birth at night are exempt from Ganda dosha. However, this only reduces the extent of the evil and does not terminate it. The remedial measures were performed and the Parents took the child to a Siddhapurusha Swami Mintoo Maharaja. In his sixth year while going to school, the bus crashed on the mountain roads and miraculously the child survived.

An iron rod had cut his left eyebrow narrowly missing his left Vedic Remedies in Astrology eye and his navel was swollen considerably. Yet he survived the storm. The reasons can be seen from the exalted Venus in Vargottama in the Lagna. Maharishi Parasara adds that if the child survives the Gandantaristha, then he becomes very strong and powerful and enjoys many Rajyoga. They are exceedingly brave and fearless. Thus, suitable remedial measures will also have to be performed for marriage at a later date for them.

He lost his mother in childbirth and his father died in a fire accident occurring within 12 days of his birth. Miraculously he survived the fire but was abandoned. He was brought up by monkeys Hanumanji in the outskirts of the village! He was fortunate in his Guru and his compositions like the Hanuman Chalisa are considered very auspicious. As the 8th Lord, it showed the danger from vehicle Venus accident as it is also placed in the third from the Arudha Lagna in Capricorn.

In the natural order of the planets as per weekdays starting from the Sun, Venus rules the sixth year. The Gandanta extends for 1o One Degree on either side of the junction. This is not a very serious Dosha. However, the remedy lies in worshipping the Luminaries.

If a person has three sons, then he is said to be blessed by the Trideva while if he has three daughters, then he is blessed by the Tridevi. If the native is still dissatisfied and yearns for another child of the opposite sex, it brings the curse of the Trideva or Tridevi respectively. If there is the birth of a daughter after three sons, then the ire of the Trideva is directed to the mother and maternal lineage. Similarly, the birth of a son after three daughters brings the ire of the Tridevi on the father and the paternal lineage. Unless suitable remedial measures are undertaken it could spell doom for the concerned persons and the children suffer.

In fact, the Santoshi Mata Vrata is performed for 16 Fridays by many pious women aspiring for a son after three daughters. However, if after the birth of the son being blessed by Santoshi Mata , they are still dissatisfied and have another child fifth , then the suffering is intense and poverty befalls their lot.

The remedial measure for Trideva Dosha is performed on an auspicious day by worshipping Sri Ganesha and the NavaGraha On a large plateau of paddy four Kalasha water pots are installed with a platform atop. A Yagya is performed with the Samidha, Ghee and Til seeds with the recitation of the mantra of the deities. After Svistakrita and Poornahuti Ritual ceremonies , the water from the four kalash is poured on the heads of the parents and child in the ritual called Abhishek.

The poojaends by giving a donation to the priest Guru Dakshina and braking of fast. It is important that the child and parents should see the reflection of their faces in the molten Ghee that is to be offered at the Yagya. Some social service like distribution Nine planets In the case of birth of son after three daughters, the idols should be of Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga and Santoshi Mata. The most important decision that the astrologer has to make is whether to provide short-term solutions to the immediate problem at hand or to aim for the long-term goals of life.

There can be no hard and fast rules on this and the spiritual development of the astrologer himself has a strong role to play. The general advise is to first aim at the immediate problem and then gradually lead the native to his Ista Devata and other deities to enable his material and spiritual development. The Ista Devata is to be determined form the 12th from Karakamsa i. In the Navamsa Chart 3. Thus, Mars determines the Ista Devata. Mars can represent the deities Hanuman, Skanda, Chamundi etc. Rahu has a higher longitude than Venus showing that the masculine Mantra Shastra attributes will dominate.

The Amatyakaraka is also Rahu placed in the sign Sagittarius in Navamsa. The sixth from this sign is Taurus with Mercury in it. She is very much attached to the Holy name of Sri Ram Who will look after her in this life and will guide and protect her. Palana Devata- Sri Ram. The Guru is to be determined from the Bhratrikaraka of the Chart. Thus, her Guru is bound to belong to the tradition of the Shakti worshippers.

With the advent of the Dasa of Saturn, she was bound to move towards her Guru and in the Antardasa of Ketu and Pratyantar dasa of Venus, she was given her Guru mantra at the Ramakrishna Mission. Readers may note the influence of the three planets on the fifth and ninth houses. Most important is the rulership of the Mantrapada A5 by Ketu and its placement in the ninth from Jupiter, the natural significator of the spiritual master. The Chart for the time of Diksha initiation into the Guru Mantra is given below.

This is an important condition to confirm the timing of the receipt of the Guru Mantra. Increase in spirituality and renunciation etc, are timed from the transit of Ketu Mokshkarak in trines to the Arudha Lagna AL. The Arudha Lagna of the Natal chart Chart 3. However, the presence of a malefic Ketu in the fifth house of the Muhurta Chart 3.

The best method of correctly predicting the event of Diksha and Guru Yoga is seen from the Drig Dasa. She was advised by this author to Mantra Shastra visit the Ramakrishna Mission and seek her Guru in early However, for one reason or the other the same was delayed until the advent of the antardasa of Libra Lagna in the birth chart that aspects the sign Aquarius in July Thus mantra is the science of training the mind to protect the self.

As indicated earlier, the human being is composed of three entities viz. The selection of the deity for these purposes has already been explained earlier. The scope of the science is Source Yaska: Nirukta 7. The lord of Lagna represents the physical body. Parasara has clearly stated that the Graha Planets represent people animate objects as they are living and moving around.

The signs represent inanimate objects. It covers all religions and cuts across all castes and creeds. A mantra is a mystical formula composed of letters or phonemes and words that is meaningful to the initiated The creation of vac or speech has its origin in the Muladhara Chakra which is the seat of all creation and is lorded by Ganesha. The desire is from a primal impulse called paravac or transcendental speech. Initiation into a mantra is very beneficial. Ekalavya the unsung warrior in the Mahabharata did not receive the mantra directly from the Guru Dronacharya, yet became proficient in the same.

After that the mantra becomes very effective. If the person is alive, then making his idol is prohibited. Ekalavya made this mistake and ended on the wrong side Adharma in the Mahabharata war. In this stage the mantra is recited verbally in a rhythm called Chhanda. It gives success in the material world and fulfills material desires as well as all desires related to the Physical Plane of consciousness. In the second stage Bhuva Loka , the Mantra is meant to raise the Kundalini shakti from the Muladhara Chakra to the Ajna Chakra Center of forehead called the third eye and is repeated silently in a rhythm in the conscious mind.

This opens the third eye to superconsciousness whereby the knowledge of the pastpresent and future are revealed as well as the manifestation of desires of the Mental Plane involved in the mantra. In the third stage Svah or Swarga Loka , the mantra is meant to raise the Kundalini shakti from the Muladhara Chakra to the Sahasrara Chakra Situated in the cranium called Brahmarandhra in the form of a white thousand petal lotus.

Here the repetition is more of a subconscious habit of the mind and continues in Transcendental state of meditation or while sleeping in the form of Ajapa Japa. The individual loses the consciousness of the self and is completely unconscious of time and space, yet the mantra continues to lead him towards the penultimate goal Narayana. BaUBauva: sva Govardhana Parikrama refers to the pilgrimage of going around the Govardhan hill near Vrindavan whereby the pilgrims extol the virtues of Vasudeva Krishna in protecting the devotees from the power of Indra who had sent problems and dangers in the form of thunder showers on the shepherds and devotees.

Krishna lifted the entire Govardhana hill with His little finger and all men and animals rushed under it for shelter. Indra was incensed with rage and hurled the Vajra thunderbolt at Krishna. Indra was struck with fear and his body started to ache and break apart. He cried out for the grace of His teacher Brihaspati. Source of a mantra can be in any form. The source explains the import of each and every syllable in the Mantra. For example the Dwadasakshari Mantra as per its name itself, has 12 akshara or letters. Thus by repeating it 12 lakh times, the Siddhi of the Mantra is attained.

For example if one is tormented by diseases, the Mrityunjaya Mantra is prescribed to be repeated times since the 8th house rules Roga disease. Similarly, mercury and Jupiter have digbala directional strength in the Lagna. Indra was cured. Pleased with his devotion, Krishna promised support to his son Arjuna.. These rituals could be very elaborate or simple depending on a host of factors. The Mantras have definite time of the day for the invocation of the deity and the other methods of use of the mantra should be understood from texts like Saradatilaka Patala II etc.

Many of the seven crore mantra have some blemish or the other. The performance of the ten Samskara Rituals removes the blemish thereby making the mantra effective. Draw the triangular diagram with the base in the east and the apex in the west symbolizing Shakti Divine Mother See Kali Yantra Fig The Matrika Devi are worshipped in them. While these are elaborate, the simplest mantra is given as under that can be recited with each of the Akshara. Relationship of the name of the person with the mantra as Siddha, Sadhya, Susiddha or Ari.

See 3. Thereafter it is written in a Bhuja Patra or a palm leaf or a neat paper. This is followed by the second syllable in the mantra and so on till all the letters are extracted. The Mantra to be mastered is prefixed and suffixed with the Hamsa Mantra and recited times. This weapon Astra fT is prefixed and suffixed to the mantra and repeated times. The water is kept in a vessel having a hole at the bottom and drips on the palm leaf bearing the extricated mantra. This is the same for each and every mantra. The mantra itself is to be repeated a hundred and eight times as this is offered to the deity.

Others prescribe a mixture of Milk, Ghee and Water only. This is done by prefixing and suffixing the Maya Beeja to the mantra and repeating it times. It maybe noted that all the mantras given in the steps i to x require the mantra to be recited a thousand times except i Janana where each syllable is extricated by reciting it times, iii Bodhana recited times and viii Tarpana recited times. Most mantras have a Devata literally deity.

Devata is derived from the word Diva or light and Devata is the deity or the form in which God accepts the offerings and guides the worshipper through his material and spiritual existence. This is essential as it makes the mantra very effective. As such the Nyasa consists of placing the five important constituents of the Mantra in five parts of the body. It has 26 syllables in the Mantra and when the monosyllable OM is added to the Mantra the length becomes 27 equal to the number of constellations..

The others of some importance are Anusthup, Brihat Gayatri etc. Mantra Shastra individual for the same of the mantra is seated in the Pada feet. The Mantra represents the deity and the parts of the mantra represent the different essential body parts called the Anga in general. This is done in two stages. This will depend on the type of mantra and objective of the individual.

Many of these suffer from some error like Chinnarudha, Visirna etc. Thus it is important to pick a mantra without errors so that the error rectification rites need not be performed. Siddha Mantra The mantra can be classified as a Prasiddha Mantra or those that can be recited by any person irrespective of whether they are given by a Guru or not and without a specific objective of 1. While there is an agreement on which mantra belongs to which category, there is some minor disagreement on which mantra needs to be given by a Guru. Sex of Mantra The mantra can also be classified on the basis of the ending words that have an effect on the attitude of the practitioner.

These have the strength to ward of evil and are generally aggressive. They require the practitioner to be dedicated and make offerings to the Deity. The choice would depend on the attitude that one wishes to invoke the deity with. In general, the mantra for the Ista Devata should preferably be Mantramahodadhih Vaushadswahantaga naryyo humnamoantanapunsakah Mantra Shastra Neuter mantra thereby enabling the person to submit fully and easily to the deity. The mantra for the Palana Karta 6th from Amatyakaraka requires that the native be given the energy to fend for himself and near and dear ones in this life.

Hence, a Masculine mantra is preferred. The Mantra for Devata Karaka or guru requires an attitude of offering oblations and dedication. Thus, the Feminine mantras are preferred. Captivation Vasikaran , aversion Ucchatan and other aggressive acts are best done with the aid of PUM masculine mantra, while for destruction of diseases and general welfare the STRI Feminine mantra are preferred. Another thing to be noted is that shorter mantra are suitable for younger persons while longer mantra are suitable for elder persons However this is very general principle and Mala-mantra like the Gayatri are taught at a very young age as per prescription of the sacred texts.

Vasyocchatanarodhesu pumamsahsiddhidayakah. Kshudrakarmarujam nase strimantrahsigrasiddhidah, abhichare smrta kliba evam te manavastridah. Translation: Bijamantra are meant for children and teenagers while Mantras are meant for middle aged persons. The older generation is prescribed Mala-mantra. There are various dictionaries called Vedic Remedies in Astrology Eleven to twenty Phonemes and Mala-mantra more than twenty phonemes.

Most authors have opined that Pinda and Kartari are also Beeja Mantra. The mantras are also known by the number of letters they possess. The mantra emanating from these Beejakshara take the form of Beejakshara followed by the Name of referring to the deity and then the ending signifying the relationship in the form of prostration Namah etc. The beejakshara are also of use in the various Nyasa like Anga Nyasa etc.

Mantras with ten or less syllables are called Beeja-mantra, while those with eleven to twenty syllables are called Mantra and those having more than twenty syllables are called Mala-mantra. The number of letters indicate the house which is being effected by the Mantra. The four Kendra are the seats of Dharma Lagna called Brahma Gayatri and its trines the fifth and ninth houses , Artha Tenth house called Vishnu Gayatri and its trines the sixth and ninth houses , Kama Seventh house called Shiva Gayatri and its trines the third and eleventh houses and Moksha Fourth house called Kali or Tureeya gayatri and its trines the eighth and twelfth houses.

The tenth house is also called Swargaas the Dasamsa is called Swargamsa. Thus, on the basis of our Karma alone or the mercy of Vishnu can we find a berth at Vaikuntha. This house and its significator Saturn represents all the sins of past birth and unless we are absolved of the sins of past lives how can emancipation from the cycle of rebirth come to happen?

Thus Sri Ramanujacharya the great Vaishnava gave the Astakshari mantra for emancipation. In this manner, the effect of the mantra on the different houses are to be understood. Now, the second house rules eyes and the tenth controls the eyes being the ninth there from. Being six lettered, it makes the mind to focus on good Karma and the eyes and intelligence to be directed to the same.

The difference between this and the Astakshari maybe noted as the latter is a prayer to God Narayana for forgiveness and deliverance. Derivation of Malamantra from Beejamantra. The Shadakshari is a Beejamantra or one that leads to a higher mantra. Let us attempt to derive a Malamantra that can be sung all the time from this Beejamantra. Thus the number of words for the Malamantra is given by the formula: 1.

The mantra has six letters and is within the range of 10 syllables. Readers may note that the Dwadasakshari 12 syllable mantra is not a Beeja-mantra. Hence we have the 16 word 32 syllable Mahamantra. If they do not contain the fire syllables Om! Saura mantra are said to be effective during the day while the Saumya Mantra are more effective at night. However, in actual practice, this is not correct as there are many mantras starting with OM that have to be recited 1. Since it represents God in all the three aspects, it is also the Trimurti Dattatreya Mantra.

Hence it becomes the Guru of all Mantras meant for achieving Yoga with God. Thou art the precursor [OM ] of all the prayers and the Lord of all souls; we pray for Thy guidance for success in all good actions. Thus, this differentia only checks for the presence of the fire element symbolizing the soul in the mantra. This is tested based on the name and the Varna profession of the Sadhaka This is done in a few stages. Firstly we need to check the starting letter of the Mantra. This is followed by a check on the total number of letters of the Mantra. The third step is to check the overall impact of all the letters of the Mantra.

The blocks are numbered in the regular manner. The placement of the letters is on the basis of the block numbers in the following order: 1, 3, 11, 9, 2, 4, 12, 10, 6, 8, 16, 14, 5, 7, 15, The blocks containing the first letter of the name and the first letter of the Mantra should be determined. These are called the name block and the Mantra block respectively.

On the basis of delineation is made: the rows, the following a The four blocks in the same row as the name block are called Siddha Chatustaya. The four blocks in the third row from the name block are called SuSiddha Chatustaya. The four blocks in the fourth row from the name block are called Ari Chatustaya. Ari is another word for Satru or enemy.

Similarly, counting the columns from the Name block to the Mantra block we have the four of Siddha, Sadhya, Susiddha and Ari depending on whether the name block is in the first, second, third or fourth column respectively. The results of these are given in table 4. TABLE 2. Susiddha Mantra fructifies after half the number prescribed for chanting. Ari Destroys immediate family members like son etc. Siddha Mantra fructifies after double the prescribed number of chanting.

Sadhya Fruitless i. Sadhya Ari Destroys the entire family Kula Susiddha Siddha Mantra fructifies after half the number prescribed for chanting. Susiddha Sadhya Mantra fructifies after double the prescribed number of chanting. Example 1: Let us determine the suitability of the Chamundi Mantra for a person named Kailash. Thus the overall relationship is Ari-Sadhya and table 3. Hence, this mantra should not be used by the person. It maybe noted that we have used the letter of the name itself instead of the birth chart.

Thus the overall relationship is Ari-Ari. The result for this as per table 3. Hence, this mantra should not be given to Ravi. Inference 1 : All the letters in the fourth row and fourth column from the name block should be rejected while selecting a mantra. Then the name block is BII instead. Thus the overall relationship is Susiddha-Siddha and table 3. Thus the mantra is very favourable. Inference 2 : If the birth chart is available, then the name letter as indicated by the Nakshatra-Pada of the Moon should be used instead of the name of the person.

Mantra Shastra In case of doubt, the Moon position at Prasna time should be used to decide. This group of three constellations in trines to the name constellation is called Janma, the second-Sampat, third-Vipad, fourth-Kshema, fifth-Pratyari, sixth-Sadhaka, seventh-Vadha, eighth-Mitra and ninth-ParamMitra.

How to pronounce Sumana?

Avoid mantra where the starting letter belongs to a constellation that is Vipad Third-Problems , Pratyari Fifth-Sworn enemy and Vadha Seventh-obstacles. Some authors have given a different set of letters for different constellations, but the standard letters used in Vedic Astrology are recommended. If not, then the Moon constellation be used.

If the birth data is unknown, then the name constellation be used. This sum is divided by four. Following results should be declared: If the remainder is One 1 the Mantra is said to be Siddha Can yield results after completing the normally prescribed number of chanting , If the remainder is two 2 the Mantra is Sadhya Can yield results after double the normally prescribed number of chanting , If the remainder is three 3 Susiddha Can yield results after half the normally prescribed number of chanting and, If the remainder is 0 or 4 Ari Opposite and evil results.

Now, dividing this sum 8 by 4, we get a remainder of zero 0. The results ascribed for this is Ari enemy and should be rejected. Example 5: Check the suitability of the Astakshari Mantra for a person named Zoran. The name Zoran jaaorana has three letters complete Akshara. Mantra Shastra naarayaNaaya has eight complete letters in the Devanagari script. Dividing the sum 11 by 4 we get the remainder three 3. Hence, the Mantra is Susiddha and will yield the desired results very early.

Example 6: Check the suitability of the mantra for Mother Mary for a lady named Leela. The name Leela laIlaa has two complete letters. Dividing this by four 4 we get a remainder of three 3 indicating the result to be Susiddha and yielding fruits very early.

If the letters of the name are more, then only the in the beginning of the name equal to the letters in the mantra are to be considered. If the letters in the mantra are more than that in the name, then the letters in the name should be repeated as many times as necessary. Count from the first letter of the name to the first letter of the mantra as per the sequence of alphabets in the Devanagari script. Divide the number by four. Following results should be declared: Also called Nagari script and is the script of the Hindi Language as well.

A working knowledge of Hindi or Sanskrit is essential for this purpose. Further, all 65 Akshara of the Sanskrit script as indicated in the table3. Similarly, count from the second letter of the name to the second letter of the mantra, the third letter of the name to the third letter of the mantra and so on. Siddha and Susiddha are very desirable, whereas Sadhya is not bad. Ari is definitely negative. The easier method is to ensure that the number of Siddha and Susiddha exceeds the number of Sadhya and Ari.

Then, if the result is positive, the mantra can be prescribed. To enable simplicity in counting, the letters of the Devanagri Script maybe written in four squares in the clockwise manner Table 4. Some authors consider this as a separate method itself because of the name, but this view is not correct as the Akathaha Chakra has already been given for comparing only the first letters of the name and the Mantra.

This Siddhadisodhana Chakra is meant for comparing the sequential relationship of letters of the name and that of the mantra. The mantra has three letters whereas the name has more. Hence only the first three letters of the name are to be considered. The name and mantra letters are to be compared as per table3. Two letters of the name have attained a Susiddha relationship with that of the mantra while the third has a Siddha relationship. This makes 5 Positive points and the mantra is very suitable.

The mantra has six letters whereas the name has three letters indicating that it has to be written twice. The comparative statement is at table 3. The net points is 5 positive and the mantra is allowed. This is merely an example for explaining the mathematical computation. By the mathematical tools it has to be ascertained whether the mantra or the person using Name is in debt. Rna means debt and Dhana means money. Hence Rna-Dhana is a mathematical tool for determining the efficacy of a Mantra.

If the person is in debt, then the sins are still weighing heavily and a lot of additional effort like double the number of repetitions, has to be made to make the mantra effective. It maybe noted that this method does not reject mantra even if it is Dhani Richer than the name, which is Rni In debt. The three methods for estimating Rna-Dhana are being described hereunder. Rna-Dhana Chakra Table 4. Thereafter, the numbers are added and the sum is divided by eight 8.

The numerical values for the letters of the mantra correspond to the ones in the top row whereas the numerical values for the letters of the Name correspond to the ones in the bottom row. In the case of the longer vowels, the numerical values of the corresponding shorter vowels should be taken. Now, if the net value of the Mantra is higher than that of the name, then it is Rni In debt and the person name is Dhani rich. This is auspicious whereas if the net value of the name is more than the mantra, then the person name is in debt Rni. If both are equal, then also the person name is not in debt and the mantra fructifies.

Further, all the letters including semi-vowels, vowels etc. This mantra is very effective during the periods of Mars Rudra in the tenth house Ten syllable. The name has four Akshara including semiletters. The values of the alphabets have been taken from the last row of table 3. Dividing the sum by 8 we have a remainder of 3. Thus, the net value of the name is three 3. The mantra has fifteen Akshara including semiletters. The values of the alphabets have been taken from the first row of table 4. Dividing the sum by 8 we have a remainder of 7.

Thus, the net value of the mantra is seven 7. Since the net value of the mantra is higher than that of the name, the mantra is Rni in debt and will fructify quite fast.

Inference: A good mantra can be defined as one with a high net value so that it can be adopted by a large number of persons and can be easily beneficial for them. Count the Akshara alphabets from the first letter of the name to the first letter of the mantra. Multiply the result by three 3 and divide by seven 7. The remainder is the net value of the name. Similarly, count the Akshara alphabets from the first letter of the mantra to the first letter of the name. The remainder is the net value of the mantra. Again, if the net value of the Mantra is higher than that of the name, then it is Rni In debt and the person name is Dhani rich.

The first Akshara of the name is Sa sa and that of the mantra is Oo Aao. Similarly, count from Oo Aao to Sa sa to determine the Mantra value. This count yields The remainder is three 3 which is the net value of the mantra.